The Divine Great World Temple granted David the title of ‘Invincible Knight’. David also felt that he could indeed be called invincible among knights, but he did not achieve this invincibility entirely by relying on his own knightly combat power.
From today on, David truly feels that the ‘Invincible Knight’ is a match for him, because he can suppress all the knights just by relying on his sword skills.
“You are right. I have obtained a ‘Swordsmanship Talent Pattern’. As long as the opponent cannot defend against the rules in melee combat, he will not be able to withstand my sword!” David had no one else to share his joy, so he could only Tell Alexis the Black Dragon.
“You mean, you turned your sword into a talent pattern?” Black Dragon Alexis asked in disbelief.
“Yes, my swordsmanship has become a talent!” David didn’t care about the tone of the black dragon Alexis. In his opinion, he had many talents and abilities, and it was normal to have more than one.
The black dragon Alexis glanced at David speechlessly. David had not yet realized the importance of the ‘Swordsmanship Talent Pattern’ at this time.
/As a human being, the most powerful attack is the weapon in the hand, and the sword on the knight’s body.
This is the same as the dragon claw of the giant dragon clan, but there has never been anyone in the giant dragon clan who can turn the dragon claw attack into a talent pattern.
You must know that this kind of talent pattern that you feel will grow with your own growth. Although David’s swordsmanship can only deal with the legendary level now, when he reaches the demigod level, when the demigod is far enough from him, At close range, he might even be able to kill him with one sword.
Not to mention that when he reaches the god level, David holds a sharp enough sword. At a suitable distance, the power of his swordsmanship talent is enough to put the god level at a disadvantage.
“Lord Arthur, you can collect more books related to swordsmanship in the future to strengthen your knowledge base in this area. Your talent for swordsmanship has very strong prospects for future development. You must pay attention to it!” Black Dragon Alexis suggested after thinking for a while.
David was startled when he heard what the black dragon Alexis said. With the strength of the black dragon Alexis, he said that the prospect of swordsmanship talent development was very strong, so he had to pay attention to it.
“Most of your talents are extracted from souls absorbed by the Shadow Warrior. This kind of talent is easy to obtain, but difficult to improve. Your swordsmanship talent is formed by yourself and will continue to improve with your strength. And the swordsmanship talent is a melee killing talent with extremely strong attack power and cannot be cracked like other special talents!” Black Dragon Alexis continued to explain.
“I understand!” David nodded heavily and said.
David thought about the same innate ab