The battle power of the old man Jun Wudao was getting stronger and stronger. Suddenly, another Dao Fruit broke through the seal, causing his mana to increase dramatically!
He suffered continuous injuries, but fortunately he had practiced enough Taoist scenes, and his magic power was almost endless, and his physical injuries would be healed in the next moment.
He worked hard to contend with Jun Wudao, using all his wits and tricks, desperately turning what he had learned in the past into new magical powers, and doing his best to get rid of the influence of the Holy Lord on him.
“Master, how many Dao Fruits has he mastered?” Lou Mingyu shouted.
“Nine Dao fruits?”
Lou Mingyu’s scalp was numb and he wanted to curse, but that was his master after all, so he had no choice but to fight against Jun Wudao.
He used his ingenuity to the extreme, but he was still injured again and again, and almost died at the hands of the opponent again and again!
Lou Mingyu was extremely nervous and tried his best to make every move and every move perfect without any flaws. However, Jun Wudao was so far ahead of him that he vomited blood every time he received a blow.
As soon as the seventeen holy soldiers of the body were sacrificed, they were like the arrival of a saint at his peak, with the majesty of dominating the world, and they suddenly suppressed Jun Wudao!
Jun Wudao, gray-haired, gave a sharp shout. At this critical moment, he went one step further and unlocked another Dao Fruit seal!
He used all his magic power to forcefully attack the Taoist Saint Soldier, only to hear a loud bang. Jun Wudao stood still, his white hair flying, his clothes flying, and blood flowing out of his eyes, ears, mouth and nose.
The Holy Lord shouted: “I’ve stunned him, leave quickly!”
Lou Mingyu was about to run away when his legs softened and he almost knelt down. Only then did he feel severe pain in all his limbs, and even his soul seemed to be cracking!
More importantly, his various caves have become extremely weak, and the different Taoist scenes in the caves have also been damaged a lot.
Without thinking, the young saint picked him up and flew away through the air.
“Master, why don’t you take the opportunity to activate the Taoist Saint Soldiers again and kill him?” Lou Mingyu asked feebly.
The young saint smiled and said: “I don’t have much mana left. It takes too much mana to sacrifice the Taoist Saint Weapon. I was too powerful before.”
Lou Mingyu was silent.
Jun Wudao’s hands were trembling, and he wanted to pursue him, but the vitality in his body counterattacked, and his blood rushed back, almost causing his body to explode, so he quickly stopped.
/By the time he suppressed the rioting energy and blood, the master and disciple had long since disappeared.
“Yuan Yu, I will kill you!”
At this moment, the Immortal Emperor and the Supreme Creation came hand in hand. The Supreme Creation was shocked and said quickly: “Jun Wu