The charming woman said: “Neither of the two men, one of the men is dead, and the other man is Liu Ruyan’s ex-husband.”
“Dead?” Wei Renwu pretended to be surprised, but he clearly knew who these people were talking about, because even Yue Ming had already guessed who they were talking about.
/The younger woman said: “The dead man was famous. He was a rich man, with assets worth at least several hundred million.”
“Who is it? I’m very curious.”
The alluring woman said, “Speak out and I’ll scare you to death. Have you heard of Shen Wende?”
Hearing Shen Wende’s name, both Wei Renwu and Yue Ming looked very surprised. Wei Renwu was still pretending, of course. Yue Ming was really surprised. Although he had guessed it, but he couldn’t help but feel nervous when he heard it with his own ears. .
Wei Renwu asked: “That Shen Wende, the richest man in Wenzhou?”
The three women nodded simultaneously.
“I didn’t expect the two of them to have an affair.”
The pock-marked woman said disdainfully: “They have been together for a long time. When that vixen Liu Ruyan first moved here, that Shen Wende often came to see her.”
“When did Liu Ruyan move here?”
The younger woman said, “About a year ago.”
“Have they been together for so long?”
The charming woman said: “That’s why we say she is a vixen. Everyone in Wenzhou knows that Shen Wende has a wife and children. He is just a husband because of his beauty, so he is just coveting other people’s money.”
Wei Renwu started his usual action again, stroking his mustache, and asked: “What about Liu Ruyan’s ex-husband? Does he come here often?”
The pock-marked woman said: “That’s a really mean man. He’s already divorced, but he still comes to see him often. I think by the time they get married, his ‘hat’ will already be green. If he throws this away, he’ll find him quickly.” The next one, but he still comes over to post it, it’s really stupid.”
Wei Renwu laughed and said: “Three eldest sisters, I understand what you said. It seems that my employer’s husband has not been affected by this vixen, but I still have to pay you.” Wei Renwu winked at Yue Ming.
Yue Ming took out a thousand yuan with understanding and handed it to the young woman.
After Wei Renwu and Yue Ming left the old building area, Wei Renwu suddenly asked curiously: “Why did you give one thousand? I’m afraid it can’t be divided equally among the three of them, right?”
Yue Ming showed a naughty smile and said with a smile: “I just want them to fight over money. I hate such talkative people.”
Wei Renwu burst out laughing: “You, you, are getting worse and worse. You are no longer as innocent as I just met you.”
“The ‘things’ you are looking for should be here now.”
“We’re all here. Now it’s time to invite Captain Du over. I’ll take him to watch a ‘good show’.”
8. See what I want you to see
Duke, who had a sinister face, forced out a smile and said, “Mr. Wei, why are we back in this apartment again?”
Wei Renwu said: “I asked yo