The person with superpowers defeated the protagonist by relying on his ability to use superpowers at will. In the end, he was defeated by the protagonist because of the inexplicable bloodline of the opponent.
What the hell?
What a great comic, and it finally touched on the lineage theory commonly used in combat anime, no wonder it was cut in half.
However, this is also a bad consequence caused by the publisher’s forcible interference with the cartoonist’s creative rhythm. The author only bears half of the blame.
In the “Net King” on the earth, enemies such as aliens finally appeared, causing the comic to completely collapse. It seems that the collapse of the plot has an imaginative process.
So it’s like doing “Net King”.
The system classification has been integrated, the length of “Spirit of the Halberd Eater” has been shortened, and the plot has been arranged within a reasonable range.
The length of the comic is inevitably shortened because of this.
Considering Shadow’s reputation, Lin Yuan felt that it would be a good choice to finish the work before it collapsed.
Now Lin Yuan has a much longer-term vision and doesn’t just think about making money.
Look at Chu Kuang, isn’t it just because he has a good reputation for writing books that so many people buy into his new books?
There is also a small background story about “The Spirit of the Halberd Eater”.
The author of this comic used to be a book artist, but he later came to work. Therefore, the style of “Spirit of the Shokugeki” has elements of selling meat. After the characters in it eat delicious food, special effects will appear.
Understand the applause.
Lin Yuan has no intention of changing this feature. Since the original version can be accepted by the public, why should Lin Yuan forcefully castrate readers’ benefits?
“Who is this?”
/“His name is Yukihira.”
Lin Yuan introduced: “The male lead in our next comic, his father is one of the best chefs in Blue Star, so his dream is to become one of the most powerful chefs in Blue Star.”
“Food comics?”
Luo Wei understood it as soon as she heard it.
/“The heroine?”
Luo Wei guessed.
Lin Yuan nodded hesitantly. This girl was almost the heroine. “The Spirit of the Halberd Eater” didn’t depict many emotional scenes. There were two girls who had emotional entanglements with the protagonist. This one had a stronger sense of presence.
Immediately afterwards.
Lin Yuan showed Luo Wei several other important comic characters in the early stage. Luo Wei was Lin Yuan’s assistant. If she wanted to participate in comic creation, she must first be familiar with the characters’ images.
“What about the plot?”
The characters presented by Lin Yuan are okay. The overall style of painting is relatively popular. The difference from “King of Nets” is not very big, but the details are indeed different. Compared with these, Luo Wei is more concerned about the plot of the comic. .
Lin Yuan said: “The male protagonist Xingping is a middle school student