Using popular music to spread this idea is undoubtedly close to the public and easy for people to accept.
this moment!
The homepage promotions of major music players suddenly made emergency adjustments.
At that moment, all the homepage recommendations of all players were replaced by “Change Yourself” sung by Chen Zhiyu!
Not only that.
Many official departments in Qin and Qi also issued the above tasks.
The task content is that everyone must download “Change Yourself” and become familiar with this song!
Of course the tasks themselves are optional.
It’s just that anyone with some intelligence knows what political correctness is
Blue Star Fusion is unstoppable!
What do you mean by resisting this song?
Just like the main melody movie treatment, now “Change Yourself” is the main melody song!
He is more than just a pop singer!
In fact, everyone does not resist the main theme of this form, because many people like the song “Change Yourself”.
The catchy melody is brainwashing.
Singing with ease and joy is simple.
The clear and distinctive rhythm is also very catchy.
Swish, swish, swish!
Whether it is a music review or the official blog of Jiayuan, it is instantly reposted by countless people to their own tribes, blogs, Moments and other places.
It’s like being on a rocket!
On the new song list, the downloads of “Change Yourself” suddenly entered a soaring mode!
Almost in the blink of an eye, it exceeded the million mark!
After the merger of Qin and Qi, the number of song downloads has been increased by countless ceilings, not to mention the endorsement of the main melody.
Fei Yang’s “Brahma Star” currently has 930,000 downloads.
Qin Qi merged and the King of Songs took action. The number of downloads of this song on the first day has shocked many people. After all, the day is not over yet.
As for “Change Yourself”, one million is not the limit!
Still rising, still rising, still rising!
It was not until the number of downloads was fixed at 5.6 million that the download data finally slowed down slightly.
At this moment, no one can predict how many downloads the song “Change Yourself” will eventually receive.
Many professionals in the industry are as confused as thousands of ordinary listeners at this moment.
“Ah this”
“Has Homeland endorsed it?”
“With the tone set by the official media, this song will probably be included in the text promotion in the future.”
“Is it too exaggerated?”
“It’s no exaggeration. Zhang Qi endorsed it and the official tone was set. The song “Change Yourself” is no longer an ordinary pop song, and I think Zhang Qi’s interpretation is correct. The meaning of this song is really deep!”
“The music review interpretation scared me.”
“From a musical perspective, “Change Yourself” is excellent, but not top-notch, but in terms of the meaning of the song, this song is incredible.”
“Times make heroes, and Chen Zhiyu caught up