The camera pauses on two train timetables.
“Because there was no one else on the train, the train schedule was changed.”
/“It turns out that the train departs at a scheduled time, how many stations it passes through, what time it departs, what time it arrives, and how much the fare is for each section.”
“Later I discovered that there is no need to be so complicated. Just five words for you are enough.”
“I pick you up from school every day and pick you up after school every day.”
“Furthermore, according to the habits of people in Chu Province, this matter is either not done or done with precision down to the second. Even if a passenger says that he will arrive at the station at 7:04, it will not be wrong by one minute, and if he says that the train will depart at 17:08, he will be there unshakably. hour.”
“You know, trains are not free rides or Didi Express. How many people are needed to run a train? Train drivers, conductors, ticket inspectors, safety officers, and electrical maintenance personnel. Not to mention the wear and tear of the train and rails, just these two carriages can run one Hours, how much fuel will be consumed? So, of course it is not free, Shanhai Company is not a social charity group, and female students need to buy tickets to enter the station.”
“How much is the ticket price?”
“Our reporter learned that the total round-trip fare is 36 yuan. In Chu Province, it is normal to spend this money to take a taxi. Therefore, the 36 yuan train ticket is really a reasonable price. Moreover, Because to sell tickets, someone needs to check and collect them, and manpower and material resources need to be invested.”
Seeing this, many people even wondered if this girl had any background?
The female host said:
/“According to our understanding, this kind of treatment is probably not easy for ordinary people to enjoy if they don’t have a strong enough background, and it lasts for three years. But after research, our reporters discovered that this is by no means a powerful family. In Lan Xing should be a poor household within the scope of subsistence allowance assistance, otherwise he wouldn’t live so far away from the school.”
“True love exists in the world.”
“Coincidentally, at the beginning of March, the famous writer Chu Kuang published a novel called “A Bowl of Yangchun Noodles” on the tribe. It also told a touching story. The story was very simple. A woman’s husband met The car accident owed a huge debt, and the woman took care of her two children. Every New Year’s Eve, they went to a noodle shop and the three of them shared a bowl of noodles. With the boss’s blessing to wish you a happy New Year, the woman finally repaid the debt. The debt was owed, and the two children also achieved success.”
“If society or the public wants to be kind