This time no one fainted.
But the performance of this group of people felt more exaggerated than someone fainting.
Xianyu is going to be blown up to the sky by them!
What is the “God of Music”?
What does “He is greater than great” mean?
Even the Fifty Cent Party dare not speak like that!
Not to mention this group of people, there are many top figures in various fields.
Such as world-famous rich people, top stars in the entertainment industry, old aristocrats from Central Continent’s upper class, and so on!
What made this old reporter feel even more strange was.
In addition to the ordinary audience, there seemed to be something wrong with the interviews and speeches given by Qu Dad.
“We need to acknowledge that people have differences.”
“The gap between Qu Daddy and Qu Daddy can be as big as the natural chasm.”
“In his presence, I felt like a student who had just started studying music.”
“Thinking of tomorrow’s symphony, I’m so excited that I can’t sleep. I wonder what kind of miracle Xianyu will bring.”
Fish blow per capita?
Are professional players no exception?
Fortunately, Yang Zhongming and other big guys are still normal.
Facing the reporter’s interview, Yang Zhongming smiled and said:
“This concert will still be moving no matter how many years later you look back on it.”
Abigail said:
“I saw a genius running wild on the stage. His talent can be willful and squandered at will. You can never see the limits of this young man clearly.”
Zheng Jing was even more straightforward:
“We are a group of crazy people who have unlimited expectations for his symphony after listening to today’s concert. We are just waiting for tomorrow to see if he can bring these people to real madness.”
Today is crazy;
But more people are looking forward to whether tomorrow will be even crazier.
The night is long.
Not to mention what tomorrow will bring, tonight’s surprise alone is enough for the whole world to slowly digest.
outside world.
Netizens watched these interviews almost dumbfounded.
/in the screen.
Qu’s father, Ye Zhiqiu, looked a little excited:
“The concert ends tonight. I believe that Xianyu’s music ranking will make a qualitative leap in the future!”
The reporter reminded that Xianyu’s ranking is already very high and there is not much room for improvement.
/“Of course I know, you don’t need to remind me.”
Ye Zhiqiu said that his mind was very clear:
Ye Zhiqiu said.
The screen flashed.
The person being interviewed this time is surprisingly the richest man in Yanzhou, and he also attended tonight’s concert!
“My son and daughter are both Xianyu fans!”
“I have never been able to understand their star-chasing behavior.”
“It wasn’t until I listened to today’s concert that I discovered that family genes make sense, because like my children, I have become a fan of Xianyu. I love Xianyu!”
“I would recommend Xianyu to my friends.”
“Although I don’t know Xianyu yet and I’m looking forward to getting to k