The pure literature departments of major publishing houses in Blue Star are too eager to encounter a blockbuster work.
Although Chu Kuang has never written a purely literary work, as long as this person is willing to write, readers will buy it no matter what type of work he writes!
Immediately become invincible!
Amid the collective excitement of the pure literature department of Yinlan Library, the news that Chu Kuang’s new book was a pure literature was officially announced that night!
Silver Blue has already launched a publicity campaign.
An overwhelming amount of advertising has swept across the electronic advertising boards in major squares.
On the advertising page is the cover image of “Fortress Besieged”.
There is a brief introduction on the cover: Marriage is a besieged city. People in the city want to get out, and people outside the city want to get in. Chu Kuang’s first full-length pure literary work on marriage.
All major media.
Multiple forums.
Advertisements for “Fortress Besieged” can be seen everywhere.
Lin Yuan also cooperated, and the three vests forwarded the news together. In the end, they even pulled Yi An out to forward the news.
Hot topic around the world!
“It’s only been a little over a month since the release of “The Three-Body Problem”. Even though I’ve seen Chu Kuang’s coding speed countless times, I still find it outrageous!”
“Pure literature!?”
“Old thief Chu Kuang wants to be omniscient and omnipotent. He really wants to cover up all the themes of Blue Star’s novels!”
“I don’t like pure literature. It feels too literary and youthful, but the pure literature written by the old thief is still worth reading. The promotional introduction is very good. Marriage is like a besieged city. Some people want to get in and others want to get out.”
“He is an old thief after all.”
“Pure literature seems a bit cruel.”
“Haha, what you said is as if Chu Kuang wouldn’t be cruel if he didn’t write pure literature.”
“That’s true.”
“But how high is the literary performance of the old thief’s pure literature?”
“A work about marriage. Is old thief Chu Kuang married? Can you write such an article?”
“This wave is obviously for the ranking of writers.”
“If Chu Kuang wants to continue to improve his ranking as a writer, he must write literary works, because the higher up the list of writers, the more emphasis is placed on literature, and sales are no longer the most important.”
“Is that so?”
“Wouldn’t that be too pure?”
“Literature for the sake of literature, are purely literary works written in this way really careless words?”
“You can’t speculate on this. Let’s look at the specific content.”
“I saw the ad saying it will be released next week.”
Chu Kuang’s fame.
The power of advertising.
The combination of the two resulted in “Fortress Besieged” becoming a hit even before it was released!
/And a week later.
When the novel titled “Fortress Besieged” goes on sale.
Blue Star’s major bookstores across the eight continents were almost instantl