There was a slightly choking smell of dust in the air.
Everything looked so gray and dull, a bit like watching an old black and white movie.
Everything in the house seemed like decades or even hundreds of years had passed after one night.
My mother, this is not a dream.
Must be dreaming!
Wei Xiaobei turned around and lay back on the bed, closing his eyes.
When you wake up from this dream, you will be back to normal.
After turning sideways and turning over several times on the bed, Wei Xiaobei realized that he was not dreaming. All this seemed to be a real reality.
Standing up from the bed and sitting on the edge of the bed, Wei Xiaobei rubbed his face desperately and began to think in his mind.
What exactly is going on?
Didn’t I just get drunk all night?
how so?
Was it a ghost or a prank?
However, the possibility of being pranked is extremely low. The attribute panel that appears in the mind cannot be manipulated by humans!
There was some smoke coming from his throat. After being drunk all night, Wei Xiaobei’s mouth was naturally dry.
The changes in the room were so frightening before that Wei Xiaobei forgot about this move. Now that he realized it, he felt a little panicked.
I picked up the hot water bottle, but it was extremely empty.
Wei Xiaobei shook his head. It seemed that he could only go out to buy water.
I touched my trouser bag, and my wallet disappeared. Then I rummaged through the closet, only to find that the clothes I hung in the closet were all in tatters, as if they were treasures picked up from the trash can.
Fortunately, the clothes he left on the bedside had not changed, but there was a strange smell of sweat and alcohol fermented together.
Wei Xiaobei frowned, put on his clothes, touched his hair back with both hands, and pushed open the door.
The scene in the narrow corridor made Wei Xiaobei’s heart tremble. The shabby wallpaper and the extinguished and damaged wall lamps confirmed the unity of time inside and outside the room.
With a glimmer of hope, Wei Xiaobei went to the next room and knocked hard on the door, but there was no sound.
The resident in this room is named Zhou Lijun, a sophomore who has moved out of the dormitory since his freshman year. He is considered a senior otaku. He squats in the room and plays games from morning to night every day. It is said that he plays well. , and also made a lot of money in the game.
After that, Wei Xiaobei knocked on all the occupied rooms, but the result made Wei Xiaobei smile bitterly.
After hesitating for a moment, Wei Xiaobei gritted his teeth and slammed hard at the door of Zhou Lijun’s room.
The landlord was a miser, and the door locks were all cheap and unreliable. In addition, the door had become dilapidated. Wei Xiaobei only knocked it twice, and the door was opened.
The situation in the room made Wei Xiaobei look a little unhappy.
/The floor, desk, and coffee table were covered with white dust, and all the objects were extremely worn, not much different from the situation in his own room.