The twenty spiritual treasures have been refined by them, and they are powerful. The powerful Taoist power keeps hitting the Taiyi Dao Master, and the Taiyi Dao Dao’s glory is constantly broken, but it is constantly reunited.
The Great Way of Taiyi, my nature is self-sufficient.
When he is self-sufficient, his path is almost immortal!
The Dao masters felt that under the innate spirit treasures they activated, it seemed as if a giant beast that could not be suppressed was stretching its body, which made each of them tremble continuously, and the Dao also trembled!
Taiyi’s power is so powerful!
They had never thought before that Taiyi, who was also a Taoist, attained Taoism later than them, and that the gap was so huge!
When they attained enlightenment, Taiyi was just a small immortal, not even worthy of the title!
/If they knew that the gap between them and Taiyi was so big, they would never rebel!
“You should have died long ago.” Taiyi’s voice came.
Taiyi raised his hand to grab Taoist Master Linghua’s spiritual treasure and threw it towards Taoist Master Linghua.
Master Linghua activated the Qinglong Avenue, and visions of more than fifty universes appeared behind him. The power of heaven and earth surged from those universes and was injected into her body. She raised her hand to meet the innate Yin-Yang Cauldron that was rotating and hitting her!
When her hands just touched the surface of the three-legged cauldron, Taiyi’s palms were already imprinted on the cauldron wall, and an irresistible force suddenly invaded, crushing the fingers of Taoist Master Linghua’s hands to pieces!
What immediately broke were her arms, chest, limbs, and head!
She was like a puddle of mud smeared on the innate Yin-Yang Cauldron!
The yin and yang qi from the cauldron flew out and sucked his physical soul into the cauldron together with the great avenue.
Linghua Dao Master was about to be refined to death and shouted: “Taiyi, you can’t kill me! I am the master of the other side of the road, and I will not be destroyed until the other side of the road is destroyed!”
“Then destroy the other side of the road!”
Taiyi pointed one by one and hit the rotten flesh in the cauldron. Before the rotten flesh was wiped out, his Dao power pursued the same path of heaven and earth as Taoist Master Linghua, penetrating the universe, and conquering Taoist Master Linghua. The great avenue of heaven and earth that we practice will be wiped out!
At this moment, all those who practiced the Qinglong Avenue on the other side suddenly felt that their own avenues were constantly breaking, and the avenues began to die, wither, and lose any power!
Not only that, their insights were all useless!
Between the sky and the earth, ashes were falling like snow, fluttering and falling.
“I should have killed you as early as that year at the Qionghua Island event!”
Taiyi’s figure flashed and came to the side of Lingqin Taoist Mas