Well, Wei Xiaobei knew that although Zhang Jinhua had an amazing talent for appraising the world’s top luxury goods, he didn’t have much contact or understanding of the so-called upper class, so Wei Xiaobei needed to go into more detail.
/“Young Master Shan, called Shan Bing, is the only son of Shan Xia, chairman of Huayang Group. He is unmarried and has never been engaged. Do you know how much total assets Huayang Group has?”
Wei Xiaobei saw Zhang Jinhua looking a little dumbfounded and didn’t know if she heard it, so he asked next.
“I know that Huayang Group, one of the five group companies with the highest market value in Cuihu City, had a market value of more than 36.7 billion on November 2 this year! Shanbing is known as the most valuable in Cuihu City The golden bachelor!”
Seeing Zhang Jinhua suddenly full of excitement and spewing out a series of data, Wei Xiaobei knew that the matter was half done.
What a joke!
Didn’t you hear what Zhang Jinhua said? Shanbing is now the most valuable golden bachelor in Cuihu City!
At this point, Zhang Jinhua didn’t run away.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei also had to be careful not to shoot himself in the foot, so he had to give instructions on some things.
“Jinhua, this friend of mine is quite arrogant, so from now on, you are my cousin. Don’t let it slip, otherwise, I will lose face in front of Young Master Shan.”
I have to say, what kind of words need to be said to what kind of people to be effective.
To Zhu Xinyi, this sentence would hurt someone’s heart, but to Zhang Jinhua, it made Zhang Jinhua’s eyes brighter and brighter, and she nodded her head to show that she would not make any mistakes.
But having said that, Zhang Jinhua, didn’t you identify Wei Xiaobei? Why were you so excited when you heard that Young Master Dan was coming?
Of course, as Zhang Jinhua’s confirmed lover, Wei Xiaobei would not feel a little bit disappointed. He wished that a single soldier would appear immediately, immediately, immediately, take away this golden flower, and spend the night with him in the bridal chamber to achieve his good deeds and never appear again. There is nothing better than being in front of yourself.
After telling Zhang Jinhua to remove the heavy makeup from his face, Wei Xiaobei reluctantly cut his flesh and took out a portion of rare thick porridge for Zhang Jinhua to drink.
You must know that this rare thick porridge is relatively rare.
Wei Xiaobei accidentally made it while cooking at Longhudou Restaurant.
It’s called Longhu Bazhen Porridge.
The materials used are quite valuable.
There are excellent three-year-old lobsters, half a fur seal, and the eight delicacies are velvet antlers, deer tenderloin, salmon roe, shark fins, groupers, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, king crabs, and finally cooked with abalone soup and pearl rice. become.
In fact, even if this thing has not been prepared by Wei Xiaobei, it can still be regarded as an excellent