This time, who ruined the atmosphere?
/“It’s not me!” Seeing someone looking over, Wang Xuan immediately shook his head.
As a result, a group of people remained silent and stared at him again and again.
Wang Xuan sighed secretly, he was careless and careless. Those leaves and vines were actually effective. If he had known earlier, he would have cut off more sections and gained more.
There were gods and giant beasts among this group of people. They were moving like a hive, and the opposite side was completely bald and bare. The scenery was not beautiful.
The moonlight was soft and the sea was peaceful and quiet. A group of people finally stopped. Then, they all straightened their clothes and took a meandering step. One by one, they appeared in a misty world, returned to their places, sat cross-legged on their own flowers, and began to realize the truth.
“Those bugs, monsters, and mutated gods will definitely go crazy when they come back soon!” the giant beast bear king whispered.
“The Beast King is compensating us in disguise.” Someone whispered, because at the last moment, the Beast King patted his chest and accepted a few more Taoist practices from those on the other side, and wanted to teach them the scriptures in person.
At that time, Qing Niu and Bear King were still very angry. They felt that the Beast King recognized the way of doing things but not people, and was unkind.
Now they are enlightened.
In ancient times, Wen Ming, Wanfa Spider King, Xuan Zhi and other creatures on the other side, after putting in more efforts, were listening to the Beast King’s sermon. They seemed to have some enlightenment, but felt that something was missing, and they felt hazy.
“Okay, that’s it. Do you want to have another special performance?” The Beast King’s whole body was shining, sacred, solemn, and solemn. He looked more majestic and detached than the gods enshrined in the ancient temple.
A group of people got up and ran away. Do you really think they are leeks? Just give some of the Taoism you can bear to try the water. If you want them to fill the bottomless pit, there is no way.
They didn’t say anything, they just turned into light and disappeared, just one word!
On the way back, after they were far away from the eternal silence, they started to curse.
“Vampire Beast King, you are so shameless. You’d better die in ancient times and be destroyed in the eternal silence. Don’t let us see you in the future, otherwise we will have to organize a large number of experts to surround you!”
“This Beast Emperor’s Sutra is really a big trap. Come back quickly and sit cross-legged on the sacred flowers to understand. Maybe you can reduce the damage and realize some wonderful ideas!” Someone knows the efficacy of the sacred flowers.
In a flash of light, they returned to the real world.
The divine moon was in the sky, the sea was sparkling, and it was ext