Its basic ability is actually similar to Zhu Xinyi’s confusing little mirror, which can enhance the host’s special ability effects.
/Compared with Zhu Xinyi, who can slightly increase the effect of confusing Xiaojing every time she successfully charms and controls a monster, this hidden gold necklace is more perverted. Every time Che Meihan successfully hides it, the effect of the gold necklace can be improved.
There is no doubt that this concealment is much easier than charm control.
In any case, this Che Meihan is a normal human being, not a hallucination or a monster.
Wei Xiaobei let go of his left hand, and Che Meihan slid down from the wall, covering his throat and coughing, tears streaming down his face.
Undoubtedly, in Wei Xiaobei’s view, his force was very light, but for an ordinary person like Che Meihan, it was already very hard.
If someone pinches the throat, coughing is inevitable.
Che Meihan was frightened by Wei Xiaobei.
She originally had good intentions and wanted to remind the other party to prevent him from accidentally entering that terrifying and strange place.
But what Che Meihan never expected was that this man was so fast. He only felt that his vision went dark, and then he was stuck on the wall with his hand.
At that moment, the murderous aura rushing toward her made Che Meihan feel as if she was about to die.
Even after Wei Xiaobei let go, it took Che Meihan a few minutes to recover from the shock.
“Well, I’m sorry, I thought you were a monster.”
Wei Xiaobei really didn’t have much experience in how to comfort a crying little girl. Although Zhu Xinyi was also a girl, she didn’t seem to have cried?
Hearing what Wei Xiaobei said, Che Meihan relaxed slightly. At least this man shouldn’t be a bad person?
He shouldn’t be a bad person.
“It’s very dangerous inside. Uncle Wang and the others disappeared when they went in. There were very scary pens and plates inside. I managed to escape with great difficulty, cough cough.”
/Having said this, Che Meihan couldn’t help but tremble all over, as if he had seen something terrible.
Are you all in?
No wonder his own weakling pig also fell into the trap.
Wei Xiaobei’s previous order to the weak pigs was to follow the humans. When those humans entered Green Lake University, the weak pigs naturally followed them in and were killed. Of course, they might also be controlled by those pen immortals.
Wei Xiaobei’s eyes fell on Che Meihan’s neck, his face was a little red, and a green slap mark on the fair neck was clearly visible.
“Drink it and you will feel better.”
Wei Xiaobei took out a porcelain bottle and handed it to Che Meihan.
Che Meihan hesitated slightly as he took the porcelain vase. As an orphan, starting from the age of twelve, he had to support himself besides studying. Naturally, the things he experienced were beyond the imagination of his peers.
Besides, working in a place like a nightclub, she also knew a lot about drugs and aphrodisiacs.
It was hard to tell what