Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei can be considered diligent and thrifty. He kept the clothes he had before, even the old-fashioned military uniforms from when he was a soldier. He took out some clothes from the storage bracelet, and finally all the seventeen ordinary people were able to wear them. Put on clothes.
But the clothes of the seventeen ordinary people were all different, some were rustic and some were itchy. Even for those who were wearing old-fashioned military uniforms, Wei Xiaobei was really worried that they would attract too much attention when they took to the streets.
Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei simply asked them to squat in the warehouse at the back. Usually no one went there. He had the key in his hand, so he didn’t have to worry about scaring anyone.
After driving away the seventeen ordinary people, Wei Xiaobei took out a few pieces of jade from the storage bracelet and placed them on the table.
“Please help me sell these jade stones.”
/Shan Bing felt that his experience today was a bit too magical.
Not to mention those who made it, but the jade that Wei Xiaobei took out almost made him fall to the ground.
Three pieces of jade, each piece of jade is two feet long, wide and about twenty centimeters thick!
If these three pieces of jade are all ordinary quality white jade and sapphire, it would be fine, but no matter how you look at it, these three pieces of jade are all mutton-fat white jade!
Shan Bing thought he was dazzled, so he stood in front of the three jade stones and stared at them for a long time, then reached out and touched them.
It’s really mutton fat white jade!
“Your sister! Boss, do you want to challenge my little brother’s nerve limit?”
Are you kidding me, a piece of mutton-fat white jade that is two feet long, wide and twenty centimeters thick?
I’m afraid this thing could only be produced in ancient times, right?
To put it bluntly, the mutton-fat white jade produced now can be as big as a fist and is already a peerless treasure.
Usually, mutton-fat white jade is about the size of a finger, so it is called seed material, which is a very vivid name.
“Help me estimate the price and sell it.”
Looking at the individual soldiers’ expressions, Wei Xiaobei realized that he seemed to have underestimated the value of these mutton-fat white jade.
The fragments of mutton-fat white jade had been sold by individual soldiers. In order to raise more money, Wei Xiaobei had to cut small pieces from the five huge pieces of mutton-fat white jade and sell them.
The total amount of these three pieces of mutton-fat white jade is not as large as the jade sold last time, but it seems that the value will be higher.
“Impossible to estimate, a peerless treasure! In ancient times, it would have been impossible for this thing to appear among the people!”
Shan Bing looked at Wei Xiaobei, shook his head and answered.
“Can it be sold for one billion?” Wei Xiaobei doesn’t care about a peerless treasure. If this thing can’t be sold for money, it’s nothing!
“Boss, I suggest you find a master c