There is no way. If anyone is killed by lickers more than ten times when they first play that game, they may never forget it for the rest of their lives.
How could such a ghost thing appear!
/Wei Xiaobei knew that the licker’s eyes had degenerated and had no vision. It relied entirely on its keen hearing to hunt and kill. Even walking, running, and even the sound of breathing and heartbeat could not escape its ears.
Lickers cannot walk upright, but they can rely on their powerful limbs and claws to hang upside down on walls and even roofs. Coupled with their super powerful jumping and fast movement speed, they are difficult to hit with continuous strafing weapons. The most terrible thing about them is that the tongue in their mouth can be ejected in an instant, penetrating anyone’s body like a bullet!
At least that’s the case in the game. If the two lickers are really similar to the ones in the game, not only the girl with long hair in the yellow skirt, but also herself will be in danger.
At this time, even though Wei Xiaobei had sufficient physical strength, he did not dare to tangle with the zombies. He took three steps back and rushed towards the entrance of the Gothic-style building without any hesitation!
At Licker’s running speed, it was completely impossible for Wei Xiaobei to escape!
At the same time, the girl in the yellow dress with long hair saw Wei Xiaobei and hurriedly screamed: “Help!”
But because she was running so fast, this cry for help directly caused her running speed to slow down.
The two lickers chasing him more than ten meters away caught up to less than three meters away in an instant.
A sharp sound broke through the air, and two slender and tough tongues shot out from the split mouths of the two lickers.
Puff, almost in one sound, the two tongues penetrated the girl’s chest and neck in an instant. The hot blood spurted out along the wound, splashing two pink mist in the air.
The next moment, the girl’s body was dragged back by two tongues. Two big mouths that bloomed like chrysanthemums revealed sharp teeth and bit down hard on the girl’s soft body.
Wei Xiaobei saw this scene easily, but without stopping at all, he rushed into the small building with a quick step.
This small Gothic-style building should have been a small experimental building in the past. The strong tempered glass in the past has been shattered over the years, and it was unable to stop Wei Xiaobei’s progress.
Wei Xiaobei looked around the first floor, then rushed toward the innermost spiral staircase.
On the first floor is a row of laboratories, with nameplates hanging next to the doors.
While rushing towards the second floor, Wei Xiaobei focused most of his attention on the attribute panel, and only half of it was on his feet.
Evolution points: 441.
Killed 55 zombies? Wei Xiaobei had not counted the number of zombies killed before.
But now I figured out the answer in my mind.
Wei Xiaobei had noticed before that the speed of th