Klein looked at the servant on the bed. His body suddenly softened and seemed to turn into a mud monster.
However, he did not collapse into a pile, but swayed slightly. He instantly became 15 centimeters shorter, his skin color gradually deepened, and his facial features moved, and he soon transformed into the servant.
At this time, Senior had already taken off the servant’s clothes.
Without wasting time, Klein quickly changed into those clothes and transferred the iron cigarette box and other items.
He picked up the broom and inspected it. After confirming that there was no problem, he let Senior return to the gold coins. He lowered his left arm, spread his fingers, and watched the “squirming hunger” spread out with that indescribable transparency. .
Teleporting back to the shadows in the corner of the square, Klein bent his back, carefully cleaned the ground, and stepped closer to the servants who were still busy, but kept a certain distance to avoid anyone talking to him and increasing the risk of exposure.
About two-quarters of an hour later, the servants who had finished their work gathered together, entered St. Samuel’s Church, and turned to the side.
“I’m so tired.” After leaving the priests, a servant stretched his arms and said.
Klein pretended to be too tired to chat, nodded “Yeah,” and did not participate in the exchange.
Soon, they returned to the servants’ quarters, which were two large rooms facing each other. There were multiple high and low beds inside, and wooden cabinets and boxes were placed next to each bed.
Klein was immediately confused, not knowing whether to go to the left or the right.
Fortunately, he is a “divineer”. This kind of thing that does not involve extraordinary people or the mysterious realm can completely rely on spiritual intuition. Moreover, he also holds a broom, so he pretends to be slippery and does it covertly. This time “finding the way with a divination stick”, I got the revelation that I should go to the right.
Entering the room on the right, Klein deliberately slowed down a few beats to observe the actions of the other servants. Then he imitated them and placed the broom behind the door, then went to the collective bathroom outside to wash his face, mouth, and feet.
By the time he finished it slowly, the bed that belonged to him had already become the unoccupied one.
/Lying on the bed, Klein finally felt a little more relieved and quietly breathed a sigh of relief.
The servants were very tired, and it didn’t take long for them all to fall asleep, snoring one after another.
Klein stayed awake and took off the “Creepy Hunger” with very small movements, folded it into a small piece, stuffed it into an iron cigarette box, and placed it with Azik’s copper whistle and “Se?or Gold Coin” put it together.
Time passed by, and he couldn’t fall asleep because he was too nervous. He could only rely on “meditation” to force himself into a deep sleep for several hours.
Waking up at a certain time, Klein released the “G