The bald man’s spirit was also severely injured in a war by the joint efforts of all the spirits, leaving only the remnant soul hidden in the body of the Shadow Warrior.
And the bald man God never would have thought that the Shadow Warrior he created, with the untested ability to absorb god-level souls, would be realized in David’s hands.
“Fortunately, the two god-level souls of the Zerg race were not allowed to escape, otherwise I don’t know if there would be any trouble in the future!” David didn’t know much about god-level souls, but he also understood that if the two god-level souls were allowed to escape, If the soul leaves, there will definitely be trouble later.
Thinking that the two Zerg god-level souls were in the body of Shadow Warrior, David felt hot in his heart.
He was thinking about resurrecting the two Zerg gods. Then, with the addition of the black dragon Alexis, and the three gods beside him, no one would have to be afraid of his power.
David waved his hand, and Shadow Waiter appeared beside him, and he put his hand on Shadow Waiter’s shoulder.
When his mind entered Shadow Warrior’s body, he saw two groups of golden light, but when his mind wanted to get closer, he felt a roar within the golden light.
But this was Shadow Warrior’s body, so there was no need to worry about any danger. David approached one of the golden lights and observed it carefully.
/In the golden light, a small ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ was shouting angrily and unwillingly.
No matter which god-level person has been practicing for countless thousands of years, he fell into the hands of a demigod and was killed by his own blade. The frustration in this was enough to make the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ I will never die with my eyes in peace.
David looked at the little ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ with interest. It was a phantom.
His connection with Shadow Warrior allowed him to sense Shadow Warrior’s situation. The energy in Shadow Warrior’s body was slowly eroding the golden light, and the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ in the golden light was also weakening extremely slowly.
David had a feeling that as long as the shadow of the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ in the golden light was completely eliminated, he could absorb this god-level soul.
Come to think of it, how can a god-level soul be so easy to absorb?
What David encountered was the Zerg god-level, a god-level that has extremely weak control over its own soul. If the Shadow Warrior absorbs the soul of a god who believes in becoming a god, that god-level soul can even do a certain amount of things. Resist.
David was not disappointed. As long as there was hope, it didn’t matter if the time was later.
He looked at another golden light, in which he saw the shadow of the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’. The ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ was not as excited and unacceptable as the shadow of the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’.
After all, the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ can be considered to have fallen at the hands of the black dragon Alexis. He died in