There were not many zombies in the maze streets before, ranging from a group of five or six zombies to more than ten zombies.
But for some reason, as the number of zombies killed by the Yang siblings and Cheng Dalong increased, the number of zombies appearing from various forks also began to rise linearly.
Just after killing a group of more than 30 zombies, Cheng Dalong saw hundreds of zombies pouring out from a fork in the road!
“Don’t rest! The zombies are coming!”
When Cheng Dalong saw this, he was so shocked that he shouted quickly.
In such a fierce battle, Cheng Dalong was a bit better. After all, he was an adult man. In terms of strength, agility and physique, he was naturally much better than the Yang siblings. In addition, he was used by Wei Xiaobei seven times. The acupuncture technique stimulates the potential to increase attributes and even benefits from killing zombies. This series of accumulation has made him upgrade to the level of a one-star elite at this time.
Don’t underestimate the biological level of one-star elites.
In reality, one-star elites are already different from ordinary people. They are probably elite special forces soldiers and masters of national martial arts.
In reality, Cheng Dalong is just a clerk. Although he doesn’t wear glasses, he works during the day and sleeps at night, so he doesn’t have time to exercise. Before, he was considered relatively weak among One Star Ordinary.
/But now, Cheng Dalong put it into reality and had no problem dealing with several big men with his bare hands.
/On the other hand, among the Yang siblings, the younger brother is a bit stronger, and the elder sister is much better than before. She is not too scared when seeing zombies, and occasionally dares to take action, but in this way, the accumulated benefits are reduced a lot.
After the last wave of fighting, Yang Tingting was so exhausted that she didn’t even want to get up from sitting on the ground.
At the same time, none of these three people were completely freed from the weak state caused by the seven-needle acupuncture technique.
So when they saw hundreds of zombies appearing, the expressions of the three of them were not very good.
“How about we evacuate first?”
Yang Tingting was not as shy as before, but she was more determined in character. Seeing the increase in the number of zombies, she hurriedly put forward her own suggestions.
I have to say that this suggestion is good.
Isn’t there an old saying in China?
Keeping the green hills, you don’t have to worry about having no firewood.
As long as you save your life, you will have plenty of opportunities to kill zombies in the future.
But Cheng Dalong had a wry smile on his face and curled his lips to the side: “I do want to evacuate, but do the three uncles next to me agree?”
Yang Tingting couldn’t help but feel dumb for a while.
Indeed, not far from them, the three-headed sea animal was lying leisurely in the corner.
The three of them had thought about evacuating before, but before t