Blank template!
With a thought in Wei Xiaobei’s mind, these six basic biological templates disappeared immediately, and were replaced by a small flesh cocoon. The attributes, introduction, and amount of consumed materials under the flesh cocoon were all blank.
Undoubtedly, after the Altar of Life evolved again, even this basic biological template has undergone some changes.
Fire dragon!
As Wei Xiaobei’s thoughts changed, the fleshy cocoon also changed, elongating and twisting, revealing scales, dragon heads, dragon claws, dragon tails, etc.
Of course, this speed was relatively slow. It took more than ten minutes before the whole change was completed. A fire dragon appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s mind.
The abridged version of the young fire dragon has a four-star average biological level, a few attributes and a brief introduction, and consumes 150,000 materials.
After looking at the condition of the so-called abridged version of the young fire dragon, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but shake his head. The amount of material consumed was not what he could bear now.
No way, the upper limit of the material reserve of the Life Altar is only 100,000, but this thing costs 150,000. It is impossible to manufacture, and it is not a creature that can be cultivated by the Life Altar now.
But having said that, the combat power of this abridged version of the young fire dragon is not weak. You can tell how strong it is just by looking at the four-star creature level.
/Of course, compared with Ao Yan, it was far behind.
After all, with the current ability of the Life Altar, it is simply impossible to absorb all the fire dragon’s genes from the dragon’s blood.
Only a small part can be absorbed, but with such a small part, the organisms cultivated are not comparable to other cultivated organisms.
Undoubtedly, it is currently impossible to directly cultivate a fire dragon, even one with a lot of strength deleted.
Then the only feasible way is to mix the fire dragon genes with other creatures to form a new basic biological template.
Under the control of Wei Xiaobei, the DND three-dimensional patterns of various creatures immediately appeared in the template, and began to intersect and mix with the DND of the fire dragon.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei suddenly realized how important the biology he had learned was.
But at the same time, Wei Xiaobei also discovered that the biological knowledge he had learned was not enough.
To put it bluntly, at this time, Wei Xiaobei’s mind was like a surreal gene combination machine, constantly combining various gene fragments. However, this process was not a mindless operation, and Wei Xiaobei needed to determine the combination method.
In this way, one can imagine the complexity, difficulty and workload of this work.
Fortunately, after combining these, the combined biological form and some possible abilities will immediately appear in my mind.
But if you want to determine the specific attributes of th