For Wei Xiaobei, it was undoubtedly a good deal for half a million dollars to find a professional teacher who could explain things that he could not quite understand.
The most important thing is that the shipbuilding skills that could not be activated by the shipwrights in the gray world have been activated!
Although the initial level of this skill is only slightly improved, having skills and not having skills are completely different concepts to Wei Xiaobei!
I have achieved a little bit, which is probably because I have studied shipbuilding hard for three years in college, but I have not yet reached the level of practice.
There are still 31,340 evolution points left, which is more than enough to improve your shipbuilding skills.
After investing 100 evolution points, Wei Xiaobei upgraded his shipbuilding skills to the level of entering a house.
Investing 200 evolution points, the shipbuilding skill is upgraded to Forged.
Invest 1,500 evolution points, and your shipbuilding skills will be improved to an unfathomable level.
To upgrade his shipbuilding skills to an unfathomable level, Wei Xiaobei consumed a total of 3,600 evolution points, leaving 27,740 evolution points remaining.
Then countless pieces of knowledge that Wei Xiaobei had memorized by rote began to emerge in his mind.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei felt that he had become very familiar with this knowledge. Although it was still a little unfamiliar, he could easily draw it out when needed.
This is the benefit of having skills. Although it is not his own experience and needs some practice to hone, Wei Xiaobei does have decades of experience in ship design.
As long as he is given some drawing tools, he can easily design some ship designs.
As for how to integrate this skill with weapon refining, Wei Xiaobei needs to practice it step by step.
/After solving this problem, Wei Xiaobei suddenly thought of a question.
It seems that the CD time of the sacrifice is over?
It’s time to sacrifice another skill.
As for the skills that needed to be improved, Wei Xiaobei had already chosen them.
Archery (unfathomable)!
As long as his archery skills are improved, Wei Xiaobei’s combat effectiveness will be further improved!
This is very important. Counting the time, Ao Yan’s transformation period seems to be almost over!
He took out a book of Liuhe Sword Techniques (high-quality) from the storage ring. As Wei Xiaobei focused his attention on this book, changes appeared.
The Liuhe Sword Technique Manual (high quality) soon turned into a ball of white light and disappeared towards Wei Xiaobei’s forehead.
The next moment, countless human figures holding long knives suddenly appeared in Wei Xiaobei’s mind. Sometimes they slashed the long knives out, sometimes they retracted their knives and lay low, and sometimes they jumped up.
The ch