It’s about the size of a palm and looks slightly rough.
However, this was already the ultimate level of Wei Xiaobei’s weapon refining. At the same time, Wei Xiaobei was quite surprised that after refining this thing, his weapon refining skills actually broke through from being in a room to being refined over time.
Thinking about it, during this time, Wei Xiaobei has refined quite a few things through the Dragon Fire Cauldron.
Although most of them are relatively ordinary things such as arrows, Wei Xiaobei was very careful when refining them, so it goes without saying that he has improved in this aspect.
Wei Xiaobei felt that his weapon refining skills had reached the level of refinement, and he felt that he had accumulated a lot in this area, and it would be no problem to use evolution points to level up again.
/Of course, this issue will be left behind for now.
Name: Simulated Bright Farm (Boutique)
Introduction: This object was carefully refined by Wei Xiaobei through the Dragon Fire Cauldron, using Tiantian Mountain Stone as the main material, and Lushu flesh and blood as auxiliary materials.
Effect 2: Repeated placement. After this object forms a farm, it can be taken back at will and moved to the place where it is placed.
/Effect 3: Binding, because it contains a large amount of restrained light energy, it can prohibit the entry and exit of monsters with a biological level of four stars or less. Note that continuous attacks by creatures will invalidate this effect.
Well, if this thing was shown to Qi Si Yunu, it would probably be a piece of junk, but it was already the pinnacle of Wei Xiaobei’s work at this time.
After thinking about it, Wei Xiaobei found a plot of land that was close to the base of the spring where the grain had just been harvested. He told the goblins to stay away, and then with a flick of his right hand, the so-called simulated light farm rose into the sky. , then slowly grew in size, and slowly fell towards the open space where the grain had been harvested.
A few minutes later, a farm covering an area of ??two hundred acres appeared in the botanical garden.
A farm covering an area of ??200 acres would be considered a micro-farm in some large farming and animal husbandry countries.
How big is two hundred acres? About 130,000 square meters, which is a cuboid 300 meters wide and 400 meters long.
But for such a small farm, after being placed, it does look more delicate.
A white circle of stone railings, about two meters high, divides the entire farm into several parts. There are large open spaces, several stables, two warehouses, and a small pond.
Wei Xiaobei then separately cultivated some Pu people and arranged for them to settle on the farm. He sown some pasture seeds first and at the same time connected the pipes from the underground reservoir to fill the small pond.
Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei rummaged through the storage ring.
Well, there are still more than 100 half-evil mermaids with half-evil tho