“much better.”
The waitress felt Wei Xiaobei’s hot breath and felt that her body was starting to get hot, so she said with great embarrassment.
“Sorry, I scared you just now. I will compensate for the damage in the room according to the price.”
/Wei Xiaobei smiled and helped the waitress up.
As Wei Xiaobei let go, the waitress couldn’t help but feel empty. A feeling of regret immediately came to her heart, and she couldn’t help but sigh.
At this time, Cheng Dalong and others who got the news also came back. When they came to the door of the room to take a look, they couldn’t help but shout in surprise: “Did a bomb explode here?”
“Okay, let’s go eat.”
Wei Xiaobei looked at the time and greeted everyone.
The room was in a mess, so it was naturally impossible to eat in the room.
After taking a shower in Tu Qingqing’s room, Wei Xiaobei and his party walked towards the restaurant.
When they arrived at the restaurant, the waitress immediately led Wei Xiaobei and his party to a separate small restaurant.
Wei Xiaobei was a little surprised by this, and then asked the waitress.
The waitress’s answer suddenly made Wei Xiaobei realize.
It turns out that this independent small restaurant was originally used by the upper management of the ship, the captain, etc.
But now, in order to show respect to Wei Xiaobei, the captain specially allocated this independent restaurant to Wei Xiaobei to prevent Wei Xiaobei from being disturbed by other passengers.
“Thank you Captain for me.”
Wei Xiaobei nodded and asked the waitress to leave.
This captain was smart, he just gave the independent restaurant to himself instead of taking the initiative to fawn over him.
This alone is enough to make people feel good.
Of course, for the captain, there is no disadvantage in doing so. Being able to make friends with a strong person like Wei Xiaobei is definitely a very cost-effective thing in this troubled world.
After dinner, the waitress came to inform Wei Xiaobei that the new room had been packed.
Wei Xiaobei became more and more fond of the captain who was knowledgeable and knowledgeable.
Although there were quite a few empty VIP guest rooms, and the captain was just doing it as a favor, he was undoubtedly more flexible in mind and lukewarm in doing things to be able to do these things at critical moments.
People like this are already considered talents.
/Wei Xiaobei had already made a decision in his mind, and then wrote a letter and asked the waitress to deliver it to the captain whom he had never met.
As soon as the waitress left, Yang Feifei asked curiously: “Master, what do you always write about?”
“Feifei! Do you have any questions about Master’s work?”
Yang Tingting did things better than the impulsive Yang Feifei. Seeing that Yang Feifei actually asked about her master’s personal affairs, she couldn’t help but glare at her brother and said angrily.
“It’s okay. I think this captain is doing a good job and