Well, this was actually just an order given by Wei Xiaobei.
During the rapid escape of these yellow sheep, many machine guns were damaged.
This is the inevitable result. No matter how fast the bullets of the automatic machine gun are, they cannot protect all the front, rear, left, and right.
“Ugh, God, make them stop, this is horrible.”
Not long after, the automatic machine guns in the sand dune area began to stop shooting, and after most of the yellow sheep died in just over ten minutes, they stopped near a sand dune.
Of course, the automatic machine guns near this sand dune have been completely destroyed by Yellow Sheep.
The impact of the yellow sheep’s rapid sprint was enough to destroy some wires on the automatic machine gun platform.
“Shet! What happened? Why did the machine gun stop?”
“There may be a malfunction.”
“Send someone out to take a look.”
After some exchanges, the entrance to the dune opened.
Of course, when the entrance to the sand dune opened, the yellow sheep under Wei Xiaobei’s control were not afraid, but seemed to have gone crazy and ran towards the entrance.
Okay, okay, that group of soldiers who had just reached the entrance saw a group of panicked yellow sheep rushing over before they could react.
After a period of upheaval and even rifle fire, this group of soldiers was in a state of disarray, sitting next to the yellow sheep carcasses, but more than two thousand yellow sheep rushed in along the passage.
The most terrible thing is that because this group of soldiers is here, the automatic machine gun in the passage has been shut down.
When the group of yellow sheep rushed to the fork, they dispersed and continued to rush down along two different passages.
“Sergeant Jack, what’s going on?” A somewhat frustrated voice came from the sergeant’s intercom.
“Maybe those poor little ones were frightened and rushed over as soon as the passage opened.”
The sergeant leading this group of soldiers couldn’t help but replied with a wry smile, but his expression looked extremely relaxed.
There is no doubt that in his mind, no matter how large the number of those yellow sheep are, they are just a group of yellow sheep, not humans.
Of course, the yellow sheep’s appearance directly made the guys in these bases subconsciously relax their vigilance.
What damage can a group of animals cause?
Maybe today’s dinner will be delicious roast lamb.
/Next, the base’s alarm sounded, and thick metal doors were slowly lowered in all passages.
This is what it should be.
Fortunately, it was a group of yellow sheep. Hearing the female voice in the base’s alarm, the base’s heart dropped.
As long as the more critical instruments are well protected and not hit by yellow sheep, the problem won’t be big.
Besides, those yellow sheep don’t have that kind of destructive power, right?
In any case, even though the base sounded the alarm of a foreign invasion, almost all the soldiers’ tense nerves relaxed after the base supervisor issued an order asking all soldiers to