But if it doesn’t work, then you are in danger.
The dragons pulling the dragon chariot struggled to set sail. The dragons almost fell down as soon as they stepped on the clouds transformed by the incense gas. The legs and feet of the four divine dragons were a little trembling, but they finally succeeded in riding the clouds and mist and headed towards Yongzhou Mansion.
The dragon chariot sails into the clouds, passing between green mountains and green waters. A waterfall hangs between the mountains and rivers. The mist shines against the sun, and a colorful rainbow stretches across the two mountains.
The dragon chariot passed under the rainbow, stained by some of the rainbow’s moisture, and illuminated by the sun with brilliant colors.
In the dragon carriage, Zhou Qiyun sat by the window, took out three volumes of books, spread them out, and read them at will. Xu Ying took a peek and saw that the contents of the three books were basically the same.
At this moment, a soft and gentle palm grabbed his hand and pointed and drew on his palm.
/Xu Ying’s heart moved slightly and he looked down, but it was Yuan Weiyang sitting next to him, grabbing his hand and quietly writing on the palm of his hand with his index finger.
She wrote the word “fairy book”.
Xu Ying nodded lightly. The three volumes Zhou Qiyun flipped through were all deciphered versions of Tuo Nu’s Immortal Book!
Xu Ying squeezed her hand and wrote in her palm. Yuan Weiyang carefully identified what words he was writing. After a while, he suddenly realized that what he was about to write was a long paragraph. He didn’t know that he wanted to write until the year of the monkey and the month of the horse. , quickly withdrew his hand.
Xu Ying put his hands under his nose calmly and thought to himself: “Why do brother Yuan’s hands smell so good? Is he a flower demon?”
He has heard the legend of flower demons. These monsters live in flower buds and have a strong fragrance. When the flowers bloom, the flower demons will dance in the flower buds.
/It’s just that Xu Ying has been walking at night for so long and has seen many monsters, but he has never encountered a flower demon.
“Strange, the fragrance on his hands today is not daphne or orchid.”
Xu Ying distinguished it carefully and thought to himself, “It should be lilies and gardenias. Well, there is still a sweet taste of milk. Do brothers Yuan still drink milk every day?”
Yuan Weiyang saw that he kept sniffing his fingers and had a strange look on his face, so she gave him a fierce look.
Zhou Qiyun was reading and suddenly asked: “The eldest son has practiced Tuoyu’s Immortal Book, must he have become very strange?”
Xu Ying woke up from the fragrance, a chill crawling up his spine and to the back of his head.
In his mind, the big clock also trembled violently, and he secretly thought, “He knows about our killing of