Now that Wei Xiaobei had made a decision, he naturally would not take it back. He smiled and said a few words before choosing a room.
Since Wei Xiaobei paid the most, the two women decided to give Wei Xiaobei the master bedroom with its own bathroom.
To be honest, when Wei Xiaobei walked into the master bedroom, with his health attribute of over 20 points, he couldn’t help but shudder, but after that, he didn’t feel cold anymore.
There’s something weird about this.
Wei Xiaobei felt vaguely that there was some danger, but he could not find where the danger was. In the blink of an eye, the premonition of danger completely dissipated, as if it did not exist.
Before Wei Xiaobei could think about the matter clearly, he was dragged back to move by the two women.
Wei Xiaobei’s things are easy to deal with. A small pot for cooking instant noodles, some books, more than ten pieces of clothes, etc. are gone. Well, the computer is in the martial arts studio.
Zhang Tiantian and Li Lanxing’s belongings are mainly concentrated in clothes, pants and shoes. The clothes are okay, just a few snakeskin pockets, but the dense shoe boxes are a bit of a headache. Of course, Li Lanxing is the majority, and Zhang Tiantian is the only one. There was no way that this girl, who had just left school, could accumulate so many shoes.
In addition, there are various drawing books and computers by Zhang Tiantian, air conditioners, TVs, computers, cosmetics and so on by Li Lanxing.
Looking at the things piled up in the yard, Wei Xiaobei finally had to call the moving company.
A cargo truck arrived in Changan, and four great guys delivered everything to the new home safely.
After arriving home, Wei Xiaobei didn’t bother to pack his things and helped Li Lanxing install the air conditioner in the room.
Li Lanxing’s room has a balcony, with the best lighting and the most beautiful scenery. However, it does not have air conditioning. The air conditioner moved from the rental house works just fine.
After helping the two girls organize their things, Wei Xiaobei felt a little tired. As for the two girls, they were already lying on the sofa and not moving.
I finally ordered takeout for dinner. Although there were enough condiments in the kitchen, the refrigerator was empty.
After dinner, Wei Xiaobei took a quick shower and lay comfortably on the bed. On the bedside table beside him was a bottle of Cuihu Ten Years’ Reserve.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to enter the gray world at this time.
/There is a CD delay time when entering the gray world.
Wei Xiaobei tried this two months ago.
You cannot enter the gray world within 24 hours after leaving the gray world.
He was currently observing the situation in the room, and his extraordinary perception allowed Wei Xiaobei to observe some abnormalities that ordinary people could not notice.
Wei Xiaobei always felt that there was something wrong in this room. There seemed to be a hint of the gray world here, but after a while, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t find anything and could only gi