“I rarely read science fiction novels written by writers from other continents before, but after reading these two articles by Chu Kuang, I was really scared!”
“Is Qinzhou Science Fiction so strong?”
“I really like the imaginative science fiction like “The Wandering Blue Star”!”
“This guy’s science fiction is really good, but he’s a bit wasteful.”
“Yes, “The Heartbreaker” is just that. This epic work can actually make people cry in the end.”
“The last five thousand people of the Blue Star Sect were slaughtered at their necks. It was very painful to watch.”
“The sun exploded, but humans still don’t believe in science.”
“By the way, has this Chu Kuang written any long science fiction works?”
“No, Chu Kuang has just started writing science fiction.”
“Isn’t that right? You just wrote science fiction and you are so awesome?”
“It’s really awesome, but the short story is not satisfying enough, and it feels like it’s still unfinished. Sure enough, it’s easier to bring out the full potential of a science fiction writer in the long story.”
Chu Kuang’s two short science fiction stories have successfully aroused the interest of many Weizhou readers.
There are many Weizhou readers here who specifically download the blog to read the novels, and then leave various messages to express their love for Chu Kuang’s two short science fiction stories.
It’s just that some of the words don’t sound right.
For example, one Weizhou reader left a message like this:
“Come on, author, your science fiction novels have almost reached our Weizhou level!”
/Good guy.
Lin Yuan could bear it.
Chu Kuang couldn’t bear it.
Lin Yuan instantly felt that the soul of Chu Kuang in his body was beginning to move again.
What made Lin Yuan’s eyebrows jump even more was that young readers began to bring new rhythms in the comment area:
“Short stories cannot cure this old thief.”
“It needs to be long!”
“That’s right!”
“A long story!”
“Old thief, I’m telling you to write a full-length science fiction novel. Do you dare to agree to it?”
“Hahahaha, I won’t play anymore, I won’t play anymore. The old thief is not a professional science fiction player after all.”
“Old thief, I want to watch martial arts.”
“I would rather read fantasy novels.”
“It’s not interesting, let’s write the reasoning!”
“By the way, am I the only one here who wants to read fairy tales?”
“Yes, just you.”
After scanning these comments, Lin Yuan looked back at the messages from Weizhou readers, and Chu Kuang’s soul completely exploded!
Don’t change the subject!
Must be science fiction!
Long sci-fi!
All right.
After all, a long science fiction novel cannot be written overnight, and Lin Yuan needs to think carefully.
In fact, he has been summarizing experience based on readers’ responses.
Experience one:
Readers did like the touching plot of “The Heartbreaker”, but felt that the novel had too few science fiction elements.
Experience two:
Readers are very satisfied with the grand setting of “The Wandering Earth”, but they fee