An enemy like this who can change his appearance and poison can escape, which is undoubtedly a great threat to Weijia Island.
However, this kind of thing is normal and helpless at the same time.
To be honest, as long as you don’t have the idea of ????fighting the opponent head-on, it will be difficult for a four-star ordinary strong man to escape from the four-star terror, but it is not impossible.
As for Wu Ji, he made up his mind to escape after his plot against Wei Xiaobei failed, and he successfully escaped from Wei Xiaobei’s pursuit.
Even if he returned to reality at this time, Wei Xiaobei would not be able to find the whereabouts of Wu Ji in such a large area of ??Cuihu City.
If it were before the invasion of the gray world monsters, through the relationship with the investigation team, some clues might be found in a relatively short period of time through the official power of Cuihu City.
But now, the current situation in Green Lake City determines that this is no longer possible.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei did not give up his last plan. After the central square returned to normal with the efforts of the Gray and White Gang, Wei Xiaobei called Tian Yuwen over and asked about Wu Ji’s situation.
To be honest, today’s experience was a big shock to Tian Yuwen.
/As the leader of the Gray and White Gang, Tian Yuwen felt that he had a firm grasp on everything in the Gray and White Gang, both before and after he became a disciple of Wei Xiaobei.
But today, suddenly, a guy appeared in the Gray Gang who could almost compete with his master, and finally managed to escape. All this really made Tian Yuwen feel like he was in a dream.
Hearing the master’s question at this time, Tian Yuwen immediately recalled it.
Of course, Wu Ji’s name in the Gray Gang cannot be Wu Ji, but Li Dabao!
Well, from now on, it seems that this very unsophisticated name is undoubtedly Wu Ji’s pseudonym.
Not long after Tian Yuwen gathered several brothers to establish the Gray Gang, he expanded his recruitment.
It was at this time that Wu Ji joined the Gray and White Gang.
In the beginning, Wu Ji was exactly the same as his pseudonym. He was extremely honest and was often bullied by guys with bad habits in the Gray and White Gang. Tian Yuwen remembered that he had said a few words to those guys.
But now that I think about it, it was not without any signs.
Those guys who bullied Wu Ji died one by one within a few days.
In the gray world, dying is a normal thing. After all, at that time, even the central square was not a good place.
But now that I think about it, those guys who died were undoubtedly killed by Wu Ji.
After that, Wu Ji’s performance was not outstanding at all. He was just a soy sauce figure in the Gray and White Gang. It was not until Tian Yuwen became Wei Xiaobei’s disciple that Wu Ji seemed to be rejuvenated and his strength began to improve. Little by little, he rose up and entered the ranks of the top leaders of the Gray and White Gang.
/Thinking about it now, Wu Ji undoubtedly h