There are also bone girls, hundred-eyed ghosts, etc.
In short, a ghost expo can probably be held around the Yamata no Orochi.
There are as many as thirty or forty kinds of ghosts and monsters.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei’s omniscience also brought trouble. The ghosts that Wei Xiaobei had paid attention to with his omniscience were already rushing towards the sea angrily.
/The omniscience’s prying eyes at the soul level can make them extremely uncomfortable and even give them a creepy delusion.
However, Wei Xiaobei did not continue to pay attention to those ghosts.
It is not easy for those ghosts to rush over. The formation of more than ten warships on the sea not only continuously pours artillery fire on the Yamata no Orochi, but some ghosts who want to rush over are also one of the targets.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei was thinking, isn’t this Yamata-no-Orochi said to be entrenched in Kyoto, Japan? Why are you here again?
Although Wei Xiaobei didn’t know exactly where this place was, it definitely wasn’t the Japanese Kyoto.
Of course, for a being like Yamata no Orochi, it is normal for him to go wherever he wants to destroy one or two human military bases.
Looking at the current momentum, the military base is an absolute disaster.
Whether it is a battleship or a fighter jet, it will do almost no damage to the Yamata no Orochi, and it is completely unable to stop the opponent’s progress.
Even if the Yamata no Orochi doesn’t take action, it only needs to crush it directly with its huge body to turn the military base mainly at the port into ruins.
Although Wei Xiaobei is now a bystander, even if the Yamata-no Orochi aims here, Wei Xiaobei can easily escape. After all, the Yamata-no Orochi is more powerful, but its speed is far behind.
But for some reason, he vaguely felt that there was danger here, and this danger was increasing as time went by.
Wei Xiaobei looked around with some confusion. There should be no hidden dangers in this area, right?
But then again, some potential dangers are impossible to spot at a glance.
Such as sudden earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or even tsunamis.
At this time, as the Yamata-no-Orochi continued to advance, the military personnel holding on in the port military base were probably desperate. Soon, ships full of personnel desperately fled towards the sea outside the port. .
Many of Japan’s own ships were destroyed by ghosts.
/In short, it is impossible for all people in the port city to evacuate by ship.
Later, the warship that was shelling the Yamata no Orochi on the sea had to return to the port to pick up the fleeing people.
The son of a rich man will not sit in the hall.
Wei Xiaobei’s current status is much higher than that of a rich man. He will not put himself in danger easily unless necessary.
The longer you stay here, the stronger your premonition of danger is.
Wei Xiaobei simply boarded a cargo ship and prepared to follow the evacuation fleet composed of passenger s