One is that after Huang Kun and his mother fled to Weijia Island with the Danish royal family, some rich people and nobles in Denmark also followed them after hearing about it.
Logically speaking, these people should not be admitted to Weijia Island. The reason is very simple. They have no relationship with Weijia Island. Even if they are accepted, they should also accept some Chinese people.
But after Zhou Rong lobbied Huang Kun, Huang Kun felt that it was rare for him to gain face in front of his mother, so he agreed casually.
Zhu Xinyi couldn’t refuse Huang Kun’s nod, so she could only agree.
Who would have thought that as soon as the opening was opened, more than 7,000 people came rushing over.
In addition to the members of the rich and noble families, there are also servants who serve these families, and even their relatives and friends.
Of course, these more than 7,000 people are only a part of the population. If Zhu Xinyi hadn’t seen the bad opportunity and immediately closed the door, I’m afraid the increase in population in this wave would have been more than 7,000, and could have exceeded tens of thousands, or even more!
You know, Denmark is a country after all, with a population of more than five million. It was invaded by monsters, the capital was destroyed, and people were panicked.
You heard there is a safe place, why don’t you rush there with all your strength?
The second growth part is the relationship households of individual soldiers.
At the beginning, naturally no one paid attention to where the Huayang Group had moved.
As a result, there were more and more monsters, and big companies were looking for safe places to move their headquarters there. As a result, some discerning people discovered that Huayang Group had moved to Liusnia.
Upon further inquiry, the discerning person would be shocked.
Nalusnia is a good place, and no monsters have appeared so far.
Of course, some people also found out that Weijia Island once captured an American aircraft carrier fleet.
Just think about how strong the sense of security this extremely powerful force can give you.
As a result, many people found the single soldier, but the single soldier could not refuse and could only help introduce him.
In the end, dozens of large companies relocated their headquarters, which eventually caused the population of Weijia Island to surge to more than 20,000 people.
“You, you!”
/Wei Xiaobei poked Huang Kun’s forehead with his finger and snorted.
/Huang Kun was smart. Seeing his master’s appearance, he knew that he was not very angry, so he approached him shamelessly: “Master, don’t you always say that it is convenient for you to do things with others? I only care about my mother’s face. How could I know that there would be such a thing?” Many people came shamelessly.”
Hearing Huang Kun’s words, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but feel angry. When did he say this? This kid is really good at muddying the waters now.
Fortunately, the arrival of these people has made Weijia Island prosperous, but the houses