The extraordinary beings from all the grand venues retreated silently, and the Chao Jueshi who was in charge of the rear also left quickly.
The entire world, if there were no thunderstorms, would be dead silent in the distance, there would be no sound, and it could even be said that the area became depressed.
Finally, two figures came forward, each holding a human-level weapon. One was a true immortal, and the other was a heaven-level transcendent. They began to rush towards them at a faster speed.
Moreover, the weapons in their hands are about to revive!
Wang Xuan’s heart was throbbing, and he felt something instinctively. He turned around in an instant and said, “You guys retreat!” He told Fudaoniu and Leng Mei to leave here immediately, as far away as possible.
“Don’t say any more, I’ll be fine!” He added, the beam of light in his eyes as menacing as a divine sword, staring into the distance.
/Leng Mei and Fudao Niu both nodded and retreated directly. In this situation, there is no use in talking, just take action.
Wang Xuan asked about the strange object on the mobile phone and said: “If I activate the alien-level weapon in a short period of time, kill them quickly, and escape the effective range of radiation from the four cities in the shortest time, will I still be guilty of breaking the balance rules of hell? And be liquidated?”
“Theoretically, within a certain time difference, if you escape far enough, you will not be liquidated. But I advise you not to try it yourself, because you may not have time to escape!” The mobile phone rare object warned him seriously.
Wang Xuan sighed. The void outside his body became hazy and cracks appeared. He opened the outer space and took out six regular bronze spears. He felt it was a waste to use this special item that was not stained with cause and effect to deal with true immortals and heaven-level extraordinary beings. , because the bronze spear will be dimmed once with one use.
“Old corpse of Kuji Ridge, I’m really sorry, I’m going to add some evil force to your head again.”
Not far away, the two dead soldiers rushed over, shrank to the ground, and activated the alien-level weapons.
Several city lords have already escaped. After gaining a clear consciousness, they will never hold back when they should be cowardly.
Wang Xuan also increased his speed to the extreme, but it was very difficult for him and there was blood splashing along the way. Because, he is overcoming the tribulation, moving with the sky full of tribulation clouds and endless thunder. Tianjie sensed that he was going to escape, so he increased the pressure on him and bombarded him indiscriminately.
Wang Xuan couldn’t tolerate them anymore. He really wanted to block his path at any cost, even sending dead soldiers and destroying alien-level weapons.
The six bronze spears revived and blocked the alien-le