Oh, I understand, that snow-capped mountain is actually the most famous Pumice Mountain in Japan!
Although Wei Xiaobei had never been to this Pumice Mountain in person the last time he came to Japan, there was too much information about this thing on the Internet, and it was considered a very representative place in Japan, so Wei Xiaobei had long knew.
Having said that, Wei Xiaobei felt a little strange.
The actual place where I entered the gray world can be called one of the largest human gathering places in Japan!
Thanks to the efforts of ordinary people, the walls of this human base alone are more than 60 meters high! It houses nearly two million people! This was originally a base built on the ruins of a city, so it is imaginable that there are many buildings in it.
But the problem is that after Wei Xiaobei entered the Gray World, the building he lived in turned into a shabby log cabin, and the entire human base failed to leave any shadow in the Gray World!
This kind of thing is somewhat different from Wei Xiaobei’s previous understanding of the gray world.
In Wei Xiaobei’s view, as long as there are enough people in reality thinking about a certain issue, something may be formed in the gray world, and a large number of buildings in reality will also have their own projections in the gray world!
This theory developed by Wei Xiaobei is basically reliable based on his previous experience.
But now, Wei Xiaobei was a little surprised that such a large human base did not project any traces in the gray world.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei just felt a little strange and was not willing to invest too much energy in research on it.
Where to go?
Wei Xiaobei feels that this is his most critical issue at the moment!
The forest in the distance in front, the river on the left, the temple on the right, or the Pumice Mountain behind?
Another question is why Mao himself didn’t see a ghost after entering the gray world?
/Just when Wei Xiaobei was standing by the cabin thinking about these two issues, the mirror that Wei Xiaobei broke in the room before, well, to be precise, it should be on one of the hundreds of mirror fragments. , an upside-down man in black appeared, his face covered with a piece of black cloth, standing upside down on one hand, his eyes seemed to be staring at the world outside the mirror fragment.
/Go to the creek on the left!
Wei Xiaobei didn’t think about it for long, and he believed that there could only be two reasons why no ghosts were seen here.
Just like the weird hut in the central square of Green Lake in Gray World!
Well, when he thought that this might be the reason, Wei Xiaobei felt an inexplicable chill on his back, as if someone in this cabin was peeping at him!
But Wei Xiaobei carefully sensed the situation inside the cabin and found that there was no movement in the cabin.
Wei Xiaobei frowned slightly. Wei Xiaobei had experienced this kind of premonition many times.
He absolutely believed in his feeling.
Although h