Of course, Wei Xiaobei had no way to deal with this straw.
After a slight hesitation, Wei Xiaobei took out a handful of reddish-brown high-temperature gravel from the storage ring and sprinkled it into the Dragon Fire Cauldron.
As the handful of reddish-brown gravel was thrown in, the fire dragon in the Dragon Fire Cauldron suddenly burst into flames, and its size suddenly grew from the length of the previous chopsticks to more than one meter, and then it was tightly wrapped around the straw.
This reddish-brown gravel is not ordinary gravel. It was formed when the dragon’s blood dripped on the gravel when Ao Yan successfully transformed.
The dragon blood that dropped when Ao Yan successfully transformed was not an ordinary dragon blood, it contained a large amount of fire essence.
Previously, Wei Xiaobei planned to use the dragon blood gravel to refine a fire dragon bottle, but now, he used it on a kitchen knife and it didn’t hurt much.
As the size of the miniature fire dragon grew, the straw, which had been motionless under the dragon fire, began to slowly emit a trace of red light, which meant that the straw began to soften little by little.
But even so, the softening speed of this straw is too slow.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to waste too much time on this now, so he simply took out his trump card from the storage ring!
/A drop of fiery red liquid!
Ao Yan’s ambergris!
This ambergris looked like a drop of liquid, but in fact, as soon as Wei Xiaobei took it out of the storage ring, it immediately turned into a ball of blazing flames.
Wei Xiaobei was not careless at all and threw it into the dragon fire cauldron in an instant.
Even so, Wei Xiaobei’s fingers stained with drops of ambergris were already burned into cokes.
Of course, this injury was nothing to Wei Xiaobei. He didn’t even need real mercury to activate it. The char on his fingers was quickly pushed away by the tender flesh that had grown out. Within more than ten seconds, Wei Xiaobei Bei’s fingers returned to their original state.
After this drop of ambergris saliva entered the dragon fire cauldron, the situation suddenly changed. The miniature fire dragon couldn’t help but let out a soft roar of joy, and opened its mouth to swallow the burning drop of ambergris saliva. .
/A crisp explosion sounded, and the miniature fire dragon’s body, which was originally composed of flames, began to change rapidly. Pieces of vivid dragon scales grew on its body in shock.
In a few breaths of time, the miniature fire dragon suddenly acquired a real body, just like a real fire dragon.
At this time, the miniature fire dragon was different from before. Instead of wrapping its body around the straws, it turned around and sprayed flames on the three straws.
In the blazing flames spewed out by the miniature fire dragon, the three straws that had only softened before quickly turned red to the extreme, then continued to shrink, and finally melted into a drop of black juice.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei