It’s just that the principles are different.
For example, cupping actually pulls out the heat and disease qi from the human body, while ants climbing a tree drive out the cold qi from the body. As for moxibustion, fumigation and moxibustion are used to warm the meridians, dispel the cold qi, and relax the muscles and activate blood circulation. , the effect of reducing swelling and relieving pain.
But these methods will release some of the essence in the body.
If one achieves a leak-free body, then there will be no disease, no leakage of essence, and longevity of hundreds of years will not be a problem.
Therefore, this body without leakage is also called the body of the true immortal.
However, Wei Xiaobei felt that his flawless body seemed to be more powerful than what was described in ancient books.
My control over my physical body has improved a lot. As long as I have a thought, I can completely lock even my sweat!
It can even cause the blood in certain parts of the body to flow backwards.
To put it simply, if his current body is injured, Wei Xiaobei can prevent the wound from bleeding at all! And it can stimulate the physical body on its own and forcibly increase the recovery speed!
For Wei Xiaobei, this will undoubtedly greatly improve his ability to continue fighting.
Taking all the changes into consideration, Wei Xiaobei felt that after his Charisma attribute was raised to 100 points, his major attributes seemed to have a positive influence on each other, making his physical body stronger.
Taking the strength attribute as an example, Wei Xiaobei’s current strength can achieve 120% of its previous effect even if it doesn’t explode.
/His speed also increased, his brain became better, and he became more sensitive to the outside world.
/Even now that Wei Xiaobei is able to control the charm he exudes, he doesn’t have to worry about being stared at by a group of women when he goes out on the street like before.
Wei Xiaobei thought that this was probably the benefit of having all his attributes above 100 points. It was as if his life level had improved a bit.
In addition to these, Wei Xiaobei found that his soul strength had also increased by 5 points.
The only thing that made Wei Xiaobei regretful was that his biological level had not improved and was still four-star terrifying.
Wei Xiaobei could vaguely feel that he was not far away from breaking through the four-star terror and reaching the four-star disaster.
But this four-star disaster is not so easy to reach.
How to break through to the final hurdle? Wei Xiaobei has been thinking about this issue for a lot of time and has come up with some guesses.
The three four-star disasters Wei Xiaobei has seen include Fire Dragon Ao Yan, Black Mushroom King, and Green Ox.
Among them, the Black Mushroom King, I won’t go into details. Wei Xiaobei felt that the animated creature was completely different from his own. Even if he studied it, he couldn’t find anything.
As for Fire Dragon Ao Yan, he completely relied on his o