Starting from the back, the smaller half of the body turned into fragrant fish meat, how could one not die.
Seeing the fate of his two companions, the last giant whale became frightened and turned around to run away.
However, the Xuan Turtle Demon King immediately chased after him.
For the Xuan Turtle Demon King, no one from the East China Sea Dragon Palace can be spared!
When Wei Xiaobei saw this, he originally planned to follow him, but the light and heat emitted twice in a row made him very tired.
This is also a helpless thing.
Although Wei Xiaobei has been able to control some of the light and heat rules in reality, these light and heat rules originate from the Aoki Blessed Land after all. They are different from the light and heat rules in reality, so they emit the same light and heat. Wei Xiaobei needs to consume It takes more energy to do it.
Wei Xiaobei felt a little exhausted when he tried so hard to stimulate the light and heat.
/After resting for a while, Wei Xiaobei looked around the sea and finally landed on the highest mountain of the island, then sat down cross-legged.
Wei Xiaobei will not go to the bottom of the sea now. Who knows whether those shrimp soldiers and crabs will find reinforcements. If he regulates his breathing at the bottom of the sea, he may be attacked by those guys.
If a few giant whales, or even stronger ones, come, Wei Xiaobei will be in some trouble.
Therefore, it is much better to adjust the interest rate on the island. At least those shrimp soldiers, crab generals, giant whales and the like will be weakened a lot when they go to the island, and they will have time to react.
Wei Xiaobei sat on the mountain peak and adjusted his breathing. The soldiers looked a little dumbfounded.
In any case, what happened in the past few days has completely subverted their worldview.
It should be said that after a long period of development, the Big Island has now entered the global economic system. All aspects have begun to gradually integrate with modernization, and the education received by its citizens since childhood is also scientific.
Of course, they will also accept some knowledge from their ancestors, but they mostly regard the knowledge passed down by their ancestors as a kind of myth and legend.
But now, they feel like they’re witnessing the myth firsthand.
The powerful being who might be the Sun God and Poseidon was sitting on the peak of the island.
Of course, none of these soldiers dared to climb up and get close to the gods.
Under the low-level scolding of the officers, these soldiers began to repair the bunker, move the corpses, and prepare for the next possible battle.
However, by this time, the morale of the soldiers had recovered.
For them, it was as if they had a backer now. Although those terrifying monsters were still terrifying, in their opinion, now that they had the person sitting on the mountain, those monsters would not dare to come over at all, even if they were I was very tired now, but my steps beca