The green-bearded old man Guo Daozi got angry and shouted: “If the Great Dao Master hadn’t spent his life to open up the source of the flood, I’m afraid you three realms would still be embryos, not to mention living beings, not even an insect!”
Xu Ying said: “Is it still reasonable for Yuan Jie to steal Hongyuan’s core to extend your lives?”
Another old man with a thin face had sunken eyes. He raised his hand to stop Guo Daozi and said: “Xu Ying, you are very articulate, but it is hard to change the fact. That is, without our Yuanjie Dao Master to open up the source of the flood, there will be no future. Without you.”
Xu Ying leaned forward and said, “Who is your Excellency?”
/“The old dharma name is Wu Zhenzi.”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “Brother Dao, are the people of the Three Realms born from the Great Dao, or are they born from you? If they are born from the Great Dao, was it you who created the Great Dao, or was it created by Hongyuan? If it was created by Hongyuan, was it you who created Hongyuan, or was it Chaos? The sea is born and the earth nourishes it? No matter whether you can open up the flood source or not, the flood source will be opened up in the future, so what does it have to do with you?”
Wu Zhenzi flicked his sleeves and said displeasedly: “Xu Ying, you are so arrogant! Ask the Master of Tongtian Sword to come in person!”
Xu Ying laughed loudly and said: “If the sword master were here, I’m afraid you would have been bleeding like rivers. The master of the Tongtian Sword could have suppressed you back then, and it’s no problem to destroy you today.”
“You!” Wu Zhenzi and other elders stood up one after another, really angry.
Min Bo stopped them and said: “Everyone, please be patient. Fellow Taoist Xu, you brought out the Tongtian Sword Master to suppress us. You thought that our Yuanjie was trapped by disaster, so we must be afraid of the Tongtian Sword Master. You are looking down on my Yuanjie.” . There are two hundred and seventy-two immortals in our Yuan Realm, all of whom are equal to the Great Dao, and there are Dao Lords sitting in command. If the Tongtian Sword Master has not attained the realm of the Dao Lord, he will not be able to compete with our Yuan Realm.”
/Xu Ying looked around and said with a smile: “The two hundred and seventy-two immortals are all old people who have been tortured by bad luck. They cannot protect themselves. The master of the avenue opened up the source of the flood and suffered heavy damage. Only one withered skeleton was left. One withered skeleton. , plus more than 200 old men, one sword master of Tongtian Sword, and the universe of the Yuan Realm can be destroyed!”
Min Bo couldn’t help but get angry and shouted: “How outrageous! Are you here to be a messenger, or are you here to die?”
Xu Ying’s face straightened, and he said solemnly: “Everyone, I’m here to see what’s best for you. Now we have a master of the Tongtian Sword in the Three Realms, who has immeasurable magical powers, and there are envoys from the other side he