Just counting the number of rocks made Wei Xiaobei feel numb all over his body.
The number of those rocks exceeds tens of thousands, and the smallest one has a volume of more than ten cubic meters, and the largest one has a volume of thousands of cubic meters. If so many huge rocks fly to the top of the mountain, let alone the big Tianlong I’m afraid even the temple can’t bear it!
Not to mention the impact caused by the accumulation of earthy yellow light residues on these boulders.
If these boulders cannot be stopped, there will only be one result, either Wei Xiaobei will be killed, or the Datianlong Temple will be breached, and the red stone tower will finally escape!
/But having said that, Wei Xiaobei felt a little confused about Ba Xia’s sudden burst of abilities.
How is this going?
After all, this underlord is just a corpse. It is really shocking that a corpse can master such profound power as rules.
And if there is such power, why hasn’t Mao released it before?
If that were the case, Wei Xiaobei might have been tricked before, and it would be impossible for him to reach the top of the mountain.
But at this time, Wei Xiaobei had no more time to think about it!
Under such circumstances, Wei Xiaobei had only two choices, one was to run away desperately!
This is the top of the mountain. If you can bypass Daitenryuji Temple and hide behind the mountain, the threat of the yellow light under Naha to you will be greatly weakened.
But if this is the case, the red stone tower will definitely escape, and the consequences will be disastrous.
A head-on confrontation with Naha!
No matter what, the khaki light remaining on the rock was much weaker than the khaki light blooming around Ba Xia. This gave Wei Xiaobei a chance to win in the confrontation!
bring it on!
Attack against attack!
Tide of power! Light and heat rules!
In an instant, the tide of power that had been lurking in Wei Xiaobei’s body began to surge, which caused Wei Xiaobei’s upper limit of strength to rapidly increase!
Sixty thousand tons, sixty-five thousand tons, seventy thousand tons, seventy-five thousand tons, ninety thousand tons, one hundred thousand tons
/At the same time, Wei Xiaobei’s hands wearing sun gloves kept grabbing at the sleeping iron and stone monsters. The light and heat emitting from his body was poured into the iron and stone monsters the moment they came into contact with them.
The injection of extremely hot light and heat caused these iron and stone monsters to wake up from their slumber in an instant. They opened their mouths and were about to howl in pain, but Wei Xiaobei threw them out!
Wei Xiaobei’s speed has reached the extreme at this time. If anyone is watching, they will probably see that Wei Xiaobei seems to have grown eight arms, constantly stretching out, grabbing and throwing those iron and stone monsters. out!
Suddenly, Wei Xiaobei turned into a fort that continuously sprayed cannonballs, throwing out the iron