Well, after they saw Wei Xiaobei entering the hinterland of Lanmian Island, their morale was immediately boosted, and they each picked up their guns and began to speed up.
/This scene made the Chinese soldiers who led the team dumbfounded.
They know the psychological activities of these guys.
Just seeing Wei Xiaobei go in, I felt that if this powerful person went in, there would be no danger next. Why don’t the big guys follow in quickly and grab the credit and benefits?
Indeed, these recruits had more or less seen the scenes of Wei Xiaobei’s battle with the giants of the indigenous gods on the northern island.
It can be said that Wei Xiaobei has reached the top in their hearts!
In their opinion, Wei Xiaobei is omnipotent and will kill any monster no matter how powerful it is!
Not to mention that the Chinese soldiers leading the team were desperately trying to gather the new recruits and urge them to build a beachhead. Wei Xiaobei landed at the foot of the central mountain range of Lanmian Island after a few ups and downs.
With the arrival of Wei Xiaobei, the ant colonies that had just returned to the underground nest began to swarm out again.
Wei Xiaobei, on the other hand, was staring at the air in front of him, as if he was dazed. Five or six minutes later, Wei Xiaobei’s right hand wearing the sun glove punched out. Not only did this punch contain 20,000 The multi-ton power is mixed with a tide of power!
He punched the air and exploded with a loud bang!
Like a nuclear bomb exploding, a powerful shock wave suddenly spread out and scattered the surrounding ant colonies.
Of course, for those ants, the shock wave can certainly fly them away, but their size is too small, so in terms of damage, the damage is much less than that of other animals.
After this punch, a black hole the size of a fist appeared in the air!
Of course, this is not the end. Wei Xiaobei also reached out with his left hand at this time, grabbed the edge of the hole with both hands, and suddenly exerted force!
Immediately, circles of space cracks spread out around the black hole!
Bang, like the sound of breaking glass, the black hole quickly expanded into a space passage entrance with a diameter of about half a meter under Wei Xiaobei’s hard pull.
Undoubtedly, this space passage leads to the Aoki Blessed Land.
After opening space channels many times, Wei Xiaobei now has a relatively in-depth understanding of opening space channels. In addition, the entrance to this space channel is not large, so it does not consume much time.
Of course, even so, Wei Xiaobei was still very tired.
After all, no matter how big or small it is to open a space channel, the most basic consumption is enough to make Wei Xiaobei sweat.
As the spiritual energy in the Aoki Paradise poured into the space channel, and after stabilizing it, the surrounding ant colonies began to rush into the space channel crazily.
/Wei Xiaobei had no intention of throwing away these ants that had devoured the indigenous magic soldiers, and he had no intent