Yin Yu hesitated for a moment, then quickly followed him and shouted: “Brother, wait for me!”
Ling Wuxin said angrily: “You two, never expect to be reused in the future!”
/Emperor Beiyin also said loudly: “I will seek revenge from you two!”
Liang Yue waved his hand and said without looking back, “We are following orders, but we also have enmity with you. If you want to seek revenge, just come to me in the abandoned place. I will sacrifice my life to accompany you!”
The two immortal kings left quickly without stopping.
Xu Ying smiled slightly and looked at the Twenty-eight Immortal Kings who had never made a move. Seeing him, the twenty-eight Immortal Kings looked away and hesitated.
Seeing this, Ling Wuxin burst into laughter and shouted: “Xu Laogou, the Immortal King of the Twenty-Eight Constellations is the Immortal King of the Four Heavens Palace, you can’t persuade him with your clever words and persuasion!”
Xu Ying turned a deaf ear to his words and said with a smile: “Twenty-eight Taoist brothers have not moved yet. Presumably they should know Xu’s false reputation. Since the two Immortal Lords Liang Yue and Yin Yu have left, let’s vacate the Beiyin Emperor This great master. Beiyin joins forces with me, plus the Empress of Samsara, how many of you fellow Taoists can survive?”
Among the twenty-eight immortal kings, the Juntian Spica Immortal King smiled and said: “Xu Tianzun, don’t try to scare us. We have heard about the name of Doubu Sanzhen for a long time, but we belong to the Qinglong White Tiger Suzaku Xuanwu Fourth Palace and have nothing to do with you Doubu . Our Fourth Palace is not afraid of your Dou Bu at all.”
“You are locked by Prince Yuanjun, and you can’t move even if you want to.”
The Cangtian Xinsu Immortal King saw through Xu Ying’s bluff and said, “The Beiyin Emperor can’t scare us. The only thing we are afraid of is the Empress of Samsara. The last time we encircled and suppressed the Empress of Samsara, the Twenty-Eight Immortal Kings lost ten of them. Swallowing reincarnation, so we are still afraid.”
Xuantian Nusu Immortal King said: “Although Xu Tianzun, your Doubu, has a great reputation, we in the Fourth Palace are not afraid at all. Although the Empress of Samsara is strong, that was in the past. She was resurrected from the dead, and it is not yet known how much power she has left.”
Xu Ying felt a little embarrassed and said with a smile: “You are the power of the Fourth Palace. The Fourth Palace guards the Immortal Palace and has a high position. However, you obey Yuanjun’s orders. Where will you place the Palace Ma