To put it simply, Wei Xiaobei and Qingmu Blessed Land are two sides of the same coin, and Wei Xiaobei’s actions in reality are as if they are in the same world, and any of his actions may have a negative impact on the real world.
Only in this way will the real world begin to reject Wei Xiaobei.
It’s okay now, but when the real world’s rejection of Wei Xiaobei increases, Wei Xiaobei may have to pay a high price even if he wants to enter the real world, let alone act in reality!
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei would seize these real dragons regardless of the trouble and use the power of the Three Seas Tribe to train Zhu Xinyi and others. After all, when Wei Xiaobei cannot freely enter the real world, he can only rely on Zhu Xinyi and others. Xinyi and others came to maintain peace in the real world.
As time passed, wave after wave of aquatic tribes emerged from the sea to kill Zhu Xinyi and others just as they recovered some strength.
The sea water in this area was even dyed red with blood!
In the end, the human side can be said to have run out of ammunition and food. Zhu Xinyi and other gray realm practitioners all had tattered armors, broken weapons, and all the food and drinking water in their storage treasures. They were so exhausted that even when they were standing they were swaying, as if a breeze blowing by would make them fall to the ground!
As for the artillery and missile units deployed on the coastline, their reserves have long been exhausted, and even several nearby arsenals have become empty!
It can be said that with just one wave of offensive from the Aqua Tribe, the entire defense line will be easily destroyed!
But for those who have experienced the gray world, this hard battle is worth it.
Zhu Xinyi was horrified at this time to cross two levels in a row, breaking through from the peak of four-star ordinary to the four-star terror!
And Huang Kun suddenly broke through from the peak of the four-star elite to the bottleneck of the four-star terror peak. His whole body was filled with aura, and he seemed to be about to break through to the four-star disaster at any time!
And the third disciple Xiao Bailing, who just heard the news and came to join the battle in the second half of the battle, also jumped from the three-star elite to the peak of the four-star ordinary!
Cheng Dalong broke through from three-star terror to four-star elite, and the Yang siblings broke through from three-star elite to four-star ordinary. As for those core disciples, there are many who broke through to three-star terror!
It can be said that after this battle, the strength of Wei Xiaobei’s disciples has skyrocketed!
Of course, except for Tian Yuwen who is in Qingmu Paradise and Tamalas on Weijia Island.
/Tian Yuwen, who presided over human affairs in the Aoki Paradise, was only a three-star terrifying person, and Tamalas was promoted to a three-star ordina