He could accept his bad luck, but he couldn’t accept Lu Bei’s good fortune.
The overall strength of human monks has increased, and the pattern of various countries will inevitably be reshuffled. When the way of heaven returns, the former Great Xia will also return.
/The reborn Daxia possesses the Kunlun Dragon Vein and the Human Race’s Golden Dragon of Luck. He will become the Human Emperor after the destruction, and his cultivation will far exceed that of his ancestors in previous generations.
Emperor Ji looked at the sky. If he wanted to become a Taoist, he had to convince the almighty Emperor of Heaven.
The question is, how can we impress Lu Bei?
This trick is probably useless now.
In the human world, from the human race, various countries, and even the Ten Thousand Monsters Kingdom, from east to west, from south to north, countless monks have experienced a surge in magic power and great progress in their cultivation due to the spiritual energy entering their bodies.
It’s okay for ordinary monks. They can retreat to consolidate their realm and get familiar with the new world of immortality. Everything will be fine.
The monks who are in the stage of transcending the tribulation are miserable. Like Kou Shuang, they have not yet become familiar with the new world. They have no way out and are blocked by the tribulation. They are forced to accept the baptism of the tribulation in a hurry.
There are demonic thoughts coming, thunder rolling from the sky, and for a time, the world of immortality is filled with mourning everywhere.
Soon, these tribulation-transcending monks discovered that God was merciful today, and the tribulation was far less difficult than in the past. Even if they were not well prepared, they could still survive with the trump cards they had on hand.
The calamity has become weaker!
Many monks were shocked by the changes, wondering how long such benefits would last, whether they would only exist now, or whether they would last forever. They were worried that there would be no such shop after passing through this village. Thunder was everywhere in the world of immortality, ushering in a craze for overcoming tribulations.
The monks who have been stuck in the realm of integration for many years are the most profitable. Their bodies, which are about to expire, meet the spirit of dead trees and the spring comes, and their life expectancy increases greatly after passing through the catastrophe. It can be said that they have escaped from the gate of hell.
As for those unlucky ones who had not survived the catastrophe, some were wiped out on the spot, some were lucky enough to become earthly immortals, and some even closed and opened their eyes again and found that they had arrived in a world they had never seen before.
Entering this world, the soul will have its own induction, and the netherworld of the underworld corresponds to the afterlife of the living.
On this day, the concept