Wei Xiaobei also felt something in his heart at this moment and couldn’t help but sigh.
Although the great god Amaterasu was a rare enemy in Wei Xiaobei’s life, the traces left by such a powerful god dissipated, leaving Wei Xiaobei feeling somewhat confused.
He didn’t know that one day, the traces he left behind would disappear like that of Gao Tianyuan.
After standing there in confusion for a while, Wei Xiaobei smiled. He was thinking too much now.
After cheering up slightly, Wei Xiaobei’s body dissipated on the spot, and when he reappeared, he had moved to the side of the sun instantly.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei appear, a golden stream of light flew out from the sun, and in an instant, he transformed into a young man in front of Wei Xiaobei.
This young man is the clone of the Lord of the Sun, and he is holding a three-legged golden crow in his hand.
/When Wei Xiaobei saw it, he couldn’t help but be a little stunned. This time he came here, naturally, to collect the last bit of Golden Crow blood left by God Tianzhao.
However, the Lord of the Sun seems to have purified the Golden Crow bloodline again.
From the moment he saw the three-legged golden crow, Wei Xiaobei could feel an uncontrollable greedy desire within his body.
Reaching out to take the three-legged golden crow, Wei Xiaobei immediately confirmed his previous guess.
Indeed, this is the Golden Crow bloodline, and it is the Golden Crow bloodline that has been purified.
The moment the three-legged golden crow came into contact with Wei Xiaobei’s palm, it melted quickly and turned into a pool of golden-red blood, which quickly soaked into Wei Xiaobei’s palm.
For a moment, Wei Xiaobei’s mind went blank, and his body was frozen in place, unable to move.
The clone of the Lord of the Sun seemed to know what state Wei Xiaobei had entered, so it just saluted Wei Xiaobei, then flew back to the sun and disappeared.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei had no idea that the clone of the Lord of the Sun had left. His mind was at a loss. Not long after, he realized that he seemed to have fallen into a warm liquid, and crows could be heard from time to time outside. cry
Time passed bit by bit, and calm had returned to Qingmu Paradise.
In the southeast corner of Aoki Paradise, the annual harvest celebration is being held in the human gathering place.
Activities like this did not start once humans moved into the Aoki Blessed Land.
After the first humans moved into Qingmu Paradise, they basically maintained the living customs of modern humans.
Although most of them have become farmers, miners and even handicraftsmen, after a busy day of work and study, they return home and eat, but they still sit in front of the computer and check the Internet through the network cable connected to the real world. News, play games, write reviews and more.
But with the passage of time, generations of new humans were born in the Aoki Paradise, and human living customs gradually became different from those of real urban humans.
Due to the unique energy extraction p