“Playing house? You really lied to me!” Zhu Juntang was very angry.
“Think whatever you want.” Liu Changan continued to nibble on the peach, which seemed to be fine.
“I want to settle a score with you!” Zhu Juntang was very angry.
Liu Changan nodded. The peach was so delicious, tender and sweet. When he bit it lightly, the juice bloomed with a charming aroma between his lips and teeth.
“First of all, tell me how you got to this building that time. Why are you not seen in all the surveillance cameras? There are neither elevators nor stairwells. Don’t tell me that you climbed up from the outer wall. Then It is even more impossible not to be discovered.” Zhu Juntang still did not completely lose his attempt to rationally analyze the doubts to prove that Liu Changan was indeed suspicious and that he was not a fool who was deceived.
“Building No. 2 of Baolong Center.” Liu Changan pointed to the nearby shorter building, “I climbed up that building first, then used the roof to accelerate and help, and jumped with all my strength. We arrived at the rooftop of Building 1.”
“Why didn’t you say you flew up here?” Zhu Juntang felt doubtful, but he immediately suppressed his naive feeling. He actually half believed him in such a thing! I’m really crazy.
But Zhu Juntang still couldn’t help but look at Building No. 2. If he had super powers, would it really be possible to jump here like this?
/“I just fell down and walked out from behind the glass house. I saw you noticed me. I felt a little embarrassed, so I randomly found a topic to chat with you.” Liu Changan sighed softly, “I guess you want to Suicide, but according to the principle of reverse effect, it is useless for you to tell the suicidal person about suicide and how wonderful life is. You have to talk to her about immortality in order to arouse her rebellious psychology and change of interest. , because only people who commit suicide will not have the rationality of ordinary people and will have feelings about the topic of immortality. Coupled with my demonstration jump, you will feel the fear of suicide in advance, and of course you will not want to commit suicide again. ”
“Really?” The more she talked about it, the more it seemed like this. Zhu Juntang hesitated. She found that in her doubtful mood, the weight of “general belief” quietly increased.
“Just kidding.”
Zhu Juntang casually threw a pan-fried bun at Liu Changan, and he was so angry!
Liu Changan conveniently grabbed the fried buns and put them down. You don’t have to eat the food. It would be bad if you throw it away. He sneered: “Generally, people who like to chew will take a bite when you throw it away carelessly. Just like some assassins like to lick their own blades and say that the poison I have tempered has no cure, I am not that stupid. It is very powerful to use it inadvertently like you, but it is a pity.