David found several hidden divine positioning arrays in the Space War Temple. He changed the frequency of the positioning array, turning it into a positioning array that he could accept. .
As for the War Temple, the Space War Temple has been completely lost.
Anyway, David has reached an agreement with the God of War, and the Temple of War will not cause trouble to him again.
And in this Space War Temple, even the God of War is probably embarrassed to ask for it. This is David’s trophy. According to the rules of the divine world, the trophy belongs to David.
David needs the Space War Temple, otherwise his plan to restore the surface of Garmi will be much more troublesome.
He walked into the Space War Temple, and his next mission was to reactivate the Space War Temple.
In the main hall, David saw the empty statue thrown casually on the ground. Of course, no one except him would dare to desecrate the statue of the God of War in this way.
Last time, he used the artifact ‘Death Chain’ to seal the statue of the God of War. After driving out the divine thoughts inside, he put the statue back into the Space War Temple, and later collected the Space Pendant together with the Space War Temple.
After being placed in this underground space by David for more than half a year, it was only now that he was preparing to activate the Temple of War that he thought of the role of the statue.
Fortunately, he did not destroy the statue of the God of War at that time. If he destroyed it, he would not be able to recreate it now.
/The materials needed to make the idol were not accessible to David, and there were also problems with the production process and so on.
Of course, once the cube super intelligence system completes the research progress of the Space War Temple, it can focus on research in this area.
David mentally grabbed the statue and put it back on the altar. After thinking about it, he took out a fifth-level soul clone from his small world of soul space and put it into the statue.
Although he cannot make idols, he is still very experienced in how to use them.
/The fifth-level soul clone entered the statue, and David felt a sense of return through his mind in the fifth-level soul clone.
The idol is like the most perfect body. After the fifth-level soul clone enters it, it immediately merges with it.
It is obvious that this statue is more advanced than the statue in the temporary war temple. After the fifth-level soul clone enters it, the warm and comfortable feeling is not comparable to the statue in the temporary war temple.
This is not surprising to David. The Space War Temple is one of the most powerful war weapons in the War Temple, and the cost of all aspects is completely different.
The face of the god statue also changed into the appearance of David as the fifth-level soul clone entered.
David summoned t