Mr. Lawyer, your thank you is really dry and meaningless. It is not as good as Brody. Your explanation of the behavior is very detailed. This is really the standard Jürgen style. Moreover, what kind of letter box should I put in it? If it were on earth, in my During the time before the time travel, I didn’t even look at the mail box downstairs for several months. Klein smiled and folded the banknotes, put them in his pocket, then took out the letter paper and wrote a letter to Detective Stuart.
After the opening greetings, he thoughtfully wrote:
“I found Emlyn White at the Harvest Church near Tutwa Street. It is a very small church and belongs to the Church of the Mother Earth. This is rare in Loen. Emlyn White claimed to be because of certain things. He chose to run away from home and was later taken in by the bishop of Harvest Church. He lived there and became a ”
Klein thought for a while and wrote the word “volunteer.”
Then, he said concisely and concisely:
/“After my persuasion, he has returned to 48 Riverbend Avenue, but he may often go to Harvest Church to volunteer.”
After writing it, Klein read it through, then put down the pen and neatly folded the letter paper.
He dug out the envelope, but did not affix the corresponding stamp, and planned to hire someone to deliver it directly to Stuart’s home tomorrow.
If you use the kingdom’s postal system, even if you put the letter in the mailbox now, it will not be picked up until tomorrow. After that, there will be sorting and delivery processes. Therefore, although they are both in the royal capital of Backlund, Stuart at least Only after tomorrow could he hope to see this letter and notify the White couple, and Emlyn White was now a penniless guy with only a doll.
This was also to receive his reward as soon as possible. Klein chuckled, cleared the coffee table, and went back to the second floor to brush his teeth and take a bath.
On Wednesday morning, after spending 2 soles and entrusting a taxi driver to deliver the letter, Klein bought some main ingredients for the Disi paella and planned to make egg fried rice today.
Thinking of the white grains of rice, he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.
After spending a certain amount of time and going through all kinds of fussing with utensils and kitchens, he finally made a pot of fragrant egg fried rice, served with bacon and black tea, and almost burst into tears while eating it.
It’s such a nostalgic and touching taste. After eating two large plates of egg fried rice, Klein slumped down on his chair and stroked his belly.
In the case of Emlyn White, because the other party did not play according to common sense, his performance ended before it really started and failed to achieve the expected goal. Therefore, he could only look for other opportunities to actively perform.
Klein did not gain anything from this. Failure is also experience. This at least made him understand one thing:
“Unlike ordinary magicians, my performance not only involves assistants, but also enemies, as well as participan