In the general offices of the federal military, the generals were looking at the intelligence, which was about what had just happened at the Erto Arms Exhibition Hall.
There were only two points in the situation that concerned them, one was the number of alchemy pattern weapons, and the other was the strength of the two security personnel.
After Admiral David’s girlfriend Emma was attacked, a combat team of 20 people appeared next to Emma. According to intelligence, the combat power of those 20 people was extremely terrifying, and each of them had at least one extraordinary ability to kill. of combat power.
But today’s two security personnel are even more powerful, and the six extraordinary ones can’t even fight back in front of them.
All the intelligence points to one thing: Admiral David has strong support behind him.
/Admiral David’s background is very simple, his records from childhood to adulthood are clear, and the methods he used to obtain the Ertuo Fund are also recorded.
It is impossible for General David like this to call on a large number of powerful men at any time. Only some forces with a long history have such ability.
The military generals’ evaluation of David has improved a lot. The more background he has, the more he needs to make friends with him. This is inevitable.
David returned to his office, handled some matters, and received news from Adjutant Jekyll that Generalissimo Andrei was free.
He came to the Generalissimo’s office, and there was still the same sofa, with Generalissimo Andre sitting opposite him.
“I know what happened at the Erto Arms Exhibition Hall. Our military had just handed over the security of the Origin Star to the government, and something like this happened. I have called the Federal Security Service and asked them to strengthen the security of the Origin Star. Security control!” Marshal Andre said with a smile.
What happened at the Erto Arms Exhibition Hall did not cause any loss to General David. Instead, it benefited the federal military politically.
The federal military control ended with the end of the war with the Zerg. The federal government has always criticized the federal military’s management during the military control period.
Now that martial law has just ended, such a big thing happened on the Origin Planet.
You must know that there were at least 100 representatives of large companies present at the Erto Arms Exhibition Hall. The impact of this incident was extremely bad and had a great impact on the federal government’s security capabilities.
“I asked Colonel Eugene to hand over all the people involved to the Military Justice Department and did not let the federal government intervene in this case!” David explained.
“Admiral David, you are already the deputy commander-in-chief. This is your power!” The smile on General Andre’s face became wider. Admiral David was making things look bad for the federal government.
Originally, he had approached the Federal Security Bureau, and the case would be investigated by the Federal Sec