Only the Dragon King of the East China Sea had developed many connections in Heaven. Unfortunately, Wei Xiaobei had already killed him, and he was unable to help them at this time.
When the Dragon King of the West Sea secretly sacrificed the Heavenly Court Talisman and asked for help from the Heavenly Court, Wei Xiaobei saw it.
However, Wei Xiaobei did not try to expose the Dragon King of the West Sea’s actions. Instead, he had some ideas.
If the Dragon King of the West Sea can really invite reinforcements, then he wouldn’t mind fertilizing the Aoki Blessed Land.
In the past, Wei Xiaobei would not have dared to go against Heaven like this. After all, in China’s thousands of years of history, there have been too many myths and legends related to Heaven.
What about a hundred thousand heavenly soldiers and generals, what about the four emperors, the ten directions of heavenly emperors, what about the towering King Li, the Taibai Venus, what about the four divisions of thunder, fire and plague, what about the constellations of stars, the three mountains and the five mountains, the three hundred and sixty Tai Sui stars, and so on!
It can be said that there are more than 360 righteous gods whose names can be listed in Heaven alone! The immortal officials below are even more like ants.
If you think about it, you will know that Qisi Yunv sounds like she is of high rank, but in heaven she is just an official of a certain second-level department.
This Heavenly Court can be said to be in charge of all affairs from heaven to earth, and the power it spreads makes even those big monsters tremble when they hear it!
But after a secret conversation with the Silver Spirit boy outside the Kunlun Mountains, he seemed to have gained a lot of courage.
/Of course, Wei Xiaobei does have some confidence now. The existence of Qingmu Paradise gives Wei Xiaobei basically no worries.
Even if you can’t defeat him, it’s not difficult to escape back to Qingmu Paradise.
Zhu Xinyi and others had retreated to the coast at this time, but they did not leave. After all, they did not know whether those aquatic tribes would appear again. They were seizing the time to rest so that they could fight back when an accident occurred!
As time went by, the two Dragon Kings of the South China Sea and the North Sea also broke free from the effect of the Golden Lotus of Merit. The Dragon King of the North Sea was lucky. As soon as he broke free and woke up, he saw the eyes of the Dragon King of the West Sea, and his figure was about to jump up. Then he suppressed it.
/But the Dragon King of Nanhai is not a good person. Compared with the other three seas, this Nanhai lineage originally belonged to the fire dragon lineage. Although the bloodline is not pure, he has inherited a lot of violent personality.
But the Dragon King of the South China Sea didn’t understand the look he was receiving from the Dragon King of the West Sea.
Okay, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand. When the Dragon