The benefit Wei Xiaobei prepared was that as long as he believed in the fireball, he would be able to obtain the divine warriors sent by the fireball!
Okay, let’s say this gimmick is a bit bloody.
/But in Wei Xiaobei’s opinion, it should be easier to use.
However, Wei Xiaobei still needs a test subject!
If you directly promote this matter without testing, if any problems arise, the previous efforts will be in vain, and it may also cause some unnecessary trouble.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei chose Takeda Ueno as his test subject!
Wei Xiaobei believed that for an ambitious person like Takeda Ueno, what could be a greater temptation than gaining power?
As for tempting other people, Wei Xiaobei feels that it is not a problem. In this troubled world, the minimum right to survival is not guaranteed!
Even if Wei Xiaobei’s propaganda is a lie, some people will probably believe it.
Wei Xiaobei told Takeda Ueno that his power comes from the Sun God. As long as he believes in the Sun God, he will receive the power given by the Sun God. The more pious he is, the stronger the power given by the Sun God will be!
But obviously, Takeda Ueno didn’t believe it, which slightly hit Wei Xiaobei.
Fortunately, Takeda’s compensation after going to the field made Wei Xiaobei feel better.
It’s no wonder that in ancient times, so many people wanted to gain power. It turned out that when you were not in a happy mood, it was so refreshing to watch the guy who made you angry kneel down.
In the following time, Wei Xiaobei used a residual piece of wood from the Qingmu Blessed Land to carve a statue of the fireball.
The shape of the statue is a fireball, but with Wei Xiaobei’s unparalleled carving skills, the fireball statue can be said to be lifelike, and even the traces of flames on it are carved vividly.
After that, I painted it with paint. At first glance, except for some differences in color, there was no difference from the fireball.
When Takeda Ueno saw the fireball statue, he thought it was a real fireball.
/Wei Xiaobei also gave the fireball a resounding but somewhat lousy name: Sun God!
When it comes to the name Sun God, there are too many in myths and stories from various countries.
There are several Chinese sun gods alone, including the Eastern Emperor Taiyi, Emperor Jun, Emperor Jun’s wife Xihe and a group of their children, as well as foreign sun gods, such as Apollo, Helios, Ra, Aten, Atum, Ututha, Shamash, Tonatiu, Mithras, Urunthamu, and so on.
There are too many sun gods. If you count them carefully, there are no less than a hundred sun gods in the world!
If we add the patron saints believed in by some primitive tribes, the number will probably exceed a thousand. You must know that in a considerable number of primitive tribes, the patron saints are directly linked to the sun god.
This is why the name Sun God feels a bit bad.
But why are there so many sun gods?
The reason here is relatively simple.
As long as you are on Earth, during the day, the weather is clear and the sun can be seen looking up!