Of course, it would be okay to start the induction search at this time, but the energy consumption was very high, and Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to leave the gray world at this time.
/However, Wei Xiaobei chose the opposite direction to Ye Langcheng and others.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t have a good impression of Ye Langcheng and the others. Whether they lived or died was their own destiny, and Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to interfere.
Due to Zhu Xinyi’s charming zombies, the saplings moved slowly, thus slowing down the group of people.
Wei Xiaobei thought for a while, took off his backpack, and sorted the contents. He put all the tree monsters, tree roots and other debris into the small treasure bag. He only left some food and water in the backpack, and then weighed it. Weighed the weight and handed it to Zhu Xinyi.
Zhu Xinyi looked at her master in astonishment and wanted to say something, but was cut off by Wei Xiaobei: “This backpack is quite strong. Just carry it. There is some food and water in it.”
Wei Xiaobei’s meaning was very clear. The contents of this backpack were Zhu Xinyi’s protection after she was accidentally separated.
In this gray world, Wei Xiaobei finally understood that anything could happen, and he didn’t dare to say that he could always protect the two of them.
But Huang Kun already has a reserve USB flash drive, so there is no need to worry.
Zhu Xinyi said nothing, took the backpack and slung it on her back.
Fortunately, this backpack can be retracted, so it won’t drag on the ground behind Zhu Xinyi.
However, even so, Zhu Xinyi, who was carrying a backpack, looked a little cute, so Wei Xiaobei had to look away.
Not long after walking, a group of green-skinned dwarves appeared. When they saw Huang Kun walking at the front, they surrounded him.
The weapons in the hands of these green-skinned dwarves were a little different from those on the grass. They were basically pots and pans. Before Huang Kun could rush forward, a bunch of pots and pans were thrown at him, smashing them to Huang Kun. .
Regarding the appearance of these green-skinned dwarves, Wei Xiaobei did not take any action at all. He stood aside with the bone knife in his arms and watched Huang Kun and Zhu Xinyi respond.
Although these green-skinned dwarves seem to be numerous in number, their combat power is weak and their speed is much faster than zombies. They are Huang Kun and Zhu Xinyi’s best actual combat training partner.
After throwing the rags over, the green-skinned dwarves picked up some broken bricks from the wall and threw them over again with a crackling sound.
/Huang Kun had already hid behind a few treant saplings at this time, but the zombies rushing at the front were severely hit by this long-range brick-breaking attack.
The most unlucky zombie had his head smashed in the rain of bricks and fell to the ground unable to get up again.
Regarding the loss of zombies, Zhu Xinyi didn’t have much regret. After all, these zombies were meant to scare ordinary humans. They were weak in speed, strength, etc. Befo