Looking at the deep pit behind him as the wolf’s claws fell and moved away, Wei Xiaobei estimated that the strength of this giant wolf at this time might be close to that of a three-star elite.
After all, it is not easy to climb up the ranks of the three-star elite.
This level of power is enough to pose a fatal threat to Wei Xiaobei.
But the confusion caused by the giant wolf’s madness is Wei Xiaobei’s opportunity to win!
Rushing past the belly of the giant wolf, Wei Xiaobei stabbed the giant wolf in the belly with his mace.
/Copper head, iron tail, rotten belly. From this sentence, you can see where the weakness of wolf creatures lies.
This mace was not a sword. It was used for stabbing. It was not very lethal, but it still made the giant wolf scream in pain, and the wolf claws were drawn towards the belly.
But Wei Xiaobei easily dodged from the wolf’s claws.
Due to his smaller size than the giant wolf after it went crazy, Wei Xiaobei gave the giant wolf a few hard blows under its belly.
In particular, one of the blows triggered a heavy blow and a shock at the same time. A hit on the giant wolf’s belly caused the giant wolf to spit out blood mixed with its internal organs.
/But that’s all.
The recovery ability of the giant wolf after going berserk was beyond Wei Xiaobei’s imagination. After spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood mixed with internal organs, nothing happened and he continued to use his wolf claws to try to pull Wei Xiaobei out from under his belly.
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but twitching his face. Is this considered confusion?
However, Wei Xiaobei soon discovered that the giant wolf had indeed fallen into confusion.
A red wild boar with a tuft of long golden hair on its back appeared staggeringly in the distance. While humming, it dug into the soil with its mouth, digging out the roots and tubers of underground grass and devouring them.
Its size is not very large, only twice the size of a reindeer.
After seeing the golden-haired wild boar, the giant wolf dropped Wei Xiaobei, who was spinning between his belly and legs, turned around and charged towards the golden-haired wild boar.
The golden boar was not easy to mess with. When it saw the giant wolf charging towards it, it scratched its hind legs. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a red light.
There was a dull loud noise, and the giant wolf seemed to be hit by a cannonball. The running body paused on the spot, and then flew back backwards.
After knocking the giant wolf away, the golden boar did not stop, and continued to catch up. It hit the giant wolf seven or eight times in mid-air, and then twisted its head, turned into red light again, and disappeared into the distance in a flash.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei’s mouth almost opened and closed.
At this time, the giant wolf was like a truck that had fallen off a cliff. Its head was stuck in the ground, and its limbs were desperately holding on to the ground, trying to pull the head o