“Does this cost money?” Hull asked.
“Of course it is necessary. If you want to fuse the higher-level magic core, the more money you need to spend.” The old man said, patting Hel on the shoulder: “Don’t worry, you saved my life, no matter how much I will lend you any money.”
“So have you fused the magic core?” Hel asked.
“Of course, we hobbits can undergo the fusion ceremony when they are born. The sooner the fusion ceremony is carried out, the better. If the fusion ceremony is performed right after birth, the compatibility will be at least 80%. At your current age, the compatibility will be at least 80%. The speed can reach 30%, which is already quite good.”
“Does this mean that except for the Hobbits, other races cannot perform integration rituals at birth?” Hull asked.
“That’s not true. Those with elven blood are stronger than us.” The old man said coquettishly.
“Do all people undergo a fusion ritual before reaching adulthood?” Hel asked.
“Not necessarily, because there is only one chance for fusion, and a good magic core is not always available, and even if you do, you may not have that much money, so many people have been putting off fusion in order to wait for a good magic core. , and some do it to make money to buy magic cores or pay for fusion rituals. You can often see people older than you performing fusion rituals,” the little old man said.
“Where did the magic core come from?” Hel asked.
“It’s made by refining. There is a profession here called Condensing Master. You only need to give them a magic core as big as a little finger, and they can refine a new magic core.” The old man said.
“So where is the original magic core?” Hel asked.
/“What’s around?” Hull asked impatiently.
“The most numerous ones are the colorful magic cores and silver, silver-white, and white feathers. In addition, there are more than a dozen artifacts.” The old man said.
“Is there no body?” Hull asked.
“Corpse? You mean the corpse of the tombkeeper?” The old man was confused.
/Hearing this, Hull immediately guessed that those who opened the tomb most likely did not find the corpses of angels and demons. But those feathers and magic core must be related to those two corpses.
Hel heard from the Immortal King that the more advanced members of the creatures in the Dark Demon Realm would condense energy core crystals. For example, the Scorching Flame Demon given to him by the Immortal King had already condensed energy cores. crystal.
The Immortal King also had the idea of ??this kind of energy core crystal at first. Unfortunately, once the demon dies, the energy of the core crystal will be greatly weakened. Although it is much stronger than the king insect core crystal, killing one can condense into energy core crystal. The price required to become a demon far exceeded the energy of the nuclear crystal, so the Immortal King finally gave up this idea.
Even the strength of the Immortal King can kill such demons. Those top strong men in the era of Charles the Conqueror were even